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The Inn At 835 Bed and Breakfast

835 South Second Street, Springfield IL 62704, 217-523-4466

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Read the ghost story below...

The Inn At 835 Bed and Breakfast Ghost Story

Bell Miller dove into the business world in the 1890s. She went after a "High Society" clientele for her florist business. She was successful and later worked with architect George Helmle to develop six luxury apartments in Springfield. The building is now listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Four of those luxury apartments were converted to seven guest rooms in 1994 and now, the stories seem to indicate that the spirit of Bell Miller is still in residence. One resident noted hearing a warm and friendly voice saying "Well, hello there." No one was around. Another event included a single book being placed in the middle of the room multiple times. Each time it was moved from a tightly packed shelf, where it would not have fallen from and landed in the middle of the room.

Another time, wallpaper began coming off the wall, only to be perfectly repaired by itself by the next morning. And now, you may hear the ting sound of a lid being removed from a crystal candy dish and then replaced, with no one around. You may see a glimpse of a figure passing a doorway. You can select a floor in the elevator but you may wind up somewhere else. The elevator delivers you to random floors regardless of what button you push. Repeated inspections and servicing always proves it to be in perfect working order.... but with a mind of it's own or is there an unseen passenger?

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