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Stanley Hotel and Conference Center hotels rating - $$$

333 Wonderview Avenue, Estes Park CO 80517, 970-586-3371

museum - outdoor pool in summer - restaurant - cafe - pet friendly hotel - The hotel that inspired "The Shining"

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Read the ghost story below...

Stanley Hotel and Conference Center Ghost Story

You may have heard of an author name Stephen King. And you may have heard of a book and film called "The Shining." Here lies the inspiration within...

The Stanley Hotel began construction in 1906 and opened in 1909. F. O. Stanley and his wife Flora built their home nearby and then this hotel. F.O. built a hydroelectric plant up in the mountains so as the hotel could be all electric. He even had phones in every room. Both were quite a luxury at the time.

The Stanley was a summer resort so heat was not added until 1979. Before then, any heat in the building came from fireplaces on the first floor. Other than that, it is mostly the same as in 1909.

Besides a history that includes the last quarter of the film "Dumb and Dumber," many celebrities and tourists have enjoyed the Stanley over the years. Most notably, Stephen King, who wrote half of "the Shining" in room 217. Stephen King came back when the ABC mini-series was filmed here as well. Stanley Kubrick's film version was NOT filmed here. They used sets for most of that film.

There aren't any known evil spirits at the Stanley Hotel. The Shining was fiction after all. The ghosts of the owners are still around. In the music room, Mrs. Stanley's favorite, you may hear the piano playing by itself. Or you may feel the presence of Mr. F.O. Stanley around the lobby or in his favorite space, the Billiard room. 

The fourth floor is the old servant quarters and fairly active with spirits. You will notice the narrow corridors. The sound of children playing in the halls is common. Even when there isn't a child in the building. The center of the activity in the hotel seems to be the very active room 418.

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