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Stone Lion Inn

1016 West Warner, Guthrie OK , 405-282-0012

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Read the ghost story below...

Stone Lion Inn Ghost Story

A ghost is said to inhabit the third floor of the Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie, Oklahoma. The owner does host murder mystery parties here but the ghosts appear to be real...

Built in 1907, the Houghton family outgrew their previous home and moved right next door into this elegant mansion. One of their twelve children died, when Augusta, eight years old, contracted whooping cough. It is believed that she died from an overdose of the cough syrup of the day, heavily laced with opium and codeine.

Today, toys may be scattered around one of the third floor rooms. A children's footsteps may be heard on the third floor at night and a door open and closing. Confirmed by the Houghton family, they used to keep their toys in this location and would often sneak up and play late at night, between 10 and midnight. This is when the noises have been heard.

Guests have reported being awakened in the morning by a pat on the cheek. No one is there but they have the impression or feeling of a lost child looking for her mother.

During the 1920s the house was funeral home and then a boarding house. Perhaps one of these periods leads to the other ghost who likes to smoke cigars. You may smell a cigar or even see curls of smoke in the air, even though there is a no smoking policy enforced at the inn.

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