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Skirvin Hilton Hotel

One Park Avenue, Oklahoma City OK 73102, 405-272-3040

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Skirvin Hilton Hotel Ghost Story

The Skirvin Hotel was built in1910 by an oilman who wanted to have the best hotel in the southwest. The hotel was grand and became a popular speakeasy during prohibition. Founder W.B. Skirvin reportedly had an affair with a hotel maid. The maid became pregnant and was locked in a top floor room in order to avoid a scandal. She had the baby but was still contained in the room. She finally took hold of the infant and threw herself and child out the window.

Her ghost remains and was named Effie by former employees. Guests reported trouble sleeping due to the sounds of a child crying. Male guests report being propositioned by a female voice when alone in their rooms. Others even have seen the figure of a naked woman with them while taking showers. A man has even reported a sexual assault by an invisible entity.

Noises and moving objects are often reported. The hotel closed in 1988 but has recently been restored and is now open as the Hilton Skirvin.

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