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Bullock Hotel

649 Main St, Deadwood SD , 605-578-1745


Read the ghost story below...

Bullock Hotel Ghost Story

The hotel was founded by Seth Bullock, Deadwood's first sheriff, and he has never left. His ghost walks the halls. Bullock was sheriff in the 1870s and died here in 1919 but was never really laid to rest. He was the sheriff "whose gaze could stop fights." Since then, nearly three dozen people have seen his ghost. These include guests, employees, and managers of the hotel. Strange events tend to increase when a staff person is idle, whistling or just taking it easy.

Other occurences include shaking plates and glasses, lights, showers and appliances switching on and off by themselves, a tap on the shoulder when no one is there, or a persons name being called out by a male voice.

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