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Loves Travel Stop Locations in Mississippi

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Loves Travel Stop I-55, Exit 246, 725 Hwy 35 N.…
80 parking spaces - showers - Subway - McDonalds - ATM - Internet - Bulk DEF - weigh scales - tire servic…More


Loves Travel Stop 11332 Cedar Lake Road…
125 parking spaces - showers - Subway - 9 Bulk DEF - ATM - Internet - Pegasus Transflo - weigh scales - T…More


Loves Travel Stop 1545 W Peace St, I-55 Exit 119…
60 parking spaces - showers - Arbys - RV Dump Station($5) - ATM - Internet -Bulk DEF - Pegasus Transflo -…More


Loves Travel Stop US Hwy 82 Exit for SR 50/12…
Fax: 662-244-5327 - 51 parking spaces - 24/7 Store - 6 Diesel lanes - 7 Showers - Subway - Chesters Fried…More


Loves Travel Stop I-20, Exit 47, 730 Hwy 80 E.…
100 parking spaces - showers - Subway - ATM - Internet - Pegasus Transflo - weigh scales - TripPak (18:00…More


Loves Travel Stop 1212 US Hwy 82 East and 49…
60 parking spaces - showers - Hardees - ATM - Bulk DEF - RV Dump Station - Pegasus Transflo - CAT weigh s…More


Loves Travel Stop 1119 Airport Fernwood Road, I-55 Exit 13…
80 parking spaces - showers - McDonalds - Chesters Fried Chicken - ATM - 6 Bulk DEF - Internet - Pegasus …More


Loves Travel Stop I-59 Exit 29…
Fax: 601-403-9855 - 70 parking spaces - 24/7 store - showers - Arbys - Bulk DEF - ATM - Internet - RV Dum…More


Loves Travel Stop 113 Will Garrett Road, I-20 Exit 165…
50 parking spaces - showers - Arbys - ATM - Internet - Bulk DEF - Pegasus Transflo - weigh scales - tire …More


Loves Travel Stop 4601 McCullough Blvd, US Hwy 78/I-22 at exit 81…
80 parking spaces - 24/7 Store - 7 Diesel Lanes - 5 showers - Subway - McDonalds - ATM - Internet - Bulk …More

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