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Hotels with High-Speed Internet

Back in 2001, we were one of the first to try to list hotels with internet access.

Finding Hotels with wi-fi

Look for the high-speed internet below the name and address. This indicates that they have high-speed internet in place. They may or may not have it in all rooms and it may or may not be free. Many places still charge access fees or daily use fees. Our advice: Complain loudly when they charge for internet access. It seems like the more expensive the hotel, the more likely that they charge for it. For example, Hilton and Marriott charge at their flagship brand hotels and around convention centers but not at most of their lower family brands like Hampton Inn, Hilton Garden Inn, Courtyard, Fairfield , TownePlace or SpringHill.

You should bring your own connections with you and not rely on anything being there. They may provide cables, but you should always have your own Cat 5 cable with you and know your wireless settings. Some hotels have one or the other type and some have both available.

Use caution when selecting a wireless network. It may be legit but it could also be someone else setting up a network just to get your data and personal information. They may name themselves by imitating corporate names, city names, coffee shops, attractions, etc.

Coming up with a directory of high-speed internet access hotels is not easy but we feel it's worth it. As part of the requirement for our travel, we think it's an important plus to a travel related site. This information is not readily listed as an amenity yet so you may find places that have it and don't list it with us. Please let us know if you can so we can add it. And let us know problems as well, so we can note it. And if it's absolutely required for your stay for an important meeting or such, we suggest calling before you check in. Once in a while, a hotel decides to do upgrades or maintenance and the whole service is down for days. You don't want that to happen to you if you can avoid it.

Another important thing to stress here is that ownership and management changes everyday at some property somewhere..... so policies change. We encourage the use of our information as a guide but stress that you should contact the property for a detailed up to date policy before you reserve when it is extremely important like we mentioned above. There may be fees involved, special rules, limited rooms with access or maybe they just changed the policy yesterday.

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