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Camp and Tent

Camp and Tent is Universal (One price for all devices: iPad/iPhone)

Find Campgrounds that accept tents online or offline. See all places on the map view or look info up by type of location and by city. Includes a image search for campground photos. Everything from BLM camping to National Parks.

BUY IT ONCE: Regular free updates throughout the year and forward. What other ad-free camping references do you keep getting for free the next year?

Why this app or our "CAMP & RV" app?

It all depends on if you tent or RV. This app shows only places that take tents. Even boat and hike-in ones. Camp & RV has more than 4 times the points of this app because it has both tent camps and stuff tenters may not need like: RV only parks, truck stops, rest stops, RV dealers, parking lots and much more.


✔Map view: uses GPS and maps to plot up to 150 points at a time. Starting from your current location, you can zoom out and in or jump to anywhere in the USA and Canada. This mode shows everything. Filter the map to view only what you want: KOA, State Parks, or maybe REI stores.

✔City lookup: View text info by state and city. Only looking for State Parks? Find them without internet service!


✔Over 20,000 Campgrounds: (US & Canada)
✔State Parks
✔National Parks
✔National and State Forests
✔Army Corps of Engineers
✔Military famcamps
✔County/City Parks
✔Even primitive hike-in/boat-in/rough road spots that other apps exclude. Every point has coordinates, address or directions and phone. 98% have amenities and official website links.

✔Expanded detail view lists all amenities. RV amenities are included because it gives you a idea of what to expect. When tent camping, you may want to find the smaller more primitive places with less RV focus. This is a good indicator. Amenities include open season, rate range, sites, hookups, amps, big rigs access, tents or no tents, club discounts, water, showers, toilets/restrooms, tables, pool, playground, laundry, propane, pet-friendly, RV dump station, age restrictions, storage, firewood, boat launch, seasonal sites and internet access.

PLUS Outdoor Supply Stores:

✔Camping World
✔Gander Mountain
✔Bass Pro Shops

Send in your own additions, reports and app corrections from each detail view.


When you find out you can actually tent camp in a park behind a restaurant or store? Or by finding a nice forest site just 2 miles beyond the $40 park your book lists? Or by not having to buy as many books year after year? How much do you save when you buy something that is never updated and then have to buy something else? The answer is much more than Camp & Tent costs.


Parts of this app will always work and provide useful information. The data is stored on your phone while the app uses GPS, so constantly calling upon a website for information is not necessary. This is great for improving speed when you're in remote places.


** This app is a full time project built for campers by a camper. From //www.allstays.com, providing camping data for over 18 years. There will be mistakes but they will be fixed promptly. This independent app does not feature or hide any place based on fees or corporate ties. Information is provided. You make the decision.

Don't take the tent out one more time without Camp & Tent. Or if you use a camper, look for our Camp & RV app. The ultimate outdoor travel app.

** Cell service is required for full GPS functionality. Internet required for maps.**


"Best iPhone App for a Road Trip" ➤- Techlicious

"For those with more discerning tastes in campsites and RV spots." - ➤NY Times

"No one should plan a camping trip without first checking with Allstays’ Camp & Tent." - ➤appadvice.com

Picked as Best App on 6 Road Trip blogs.


We are happy to provide logos, iTunes promo codes, do interviews or answer any questions you may have....PROMPTLY. Just email apps @ allstays com or call Adam at 505-401-1297.



From Camp and RV but functions are identical

AllStays Camp and RV on iPhone
Camp and RV on iPad



New for Version 4.0.4 Jun 2020

- Data update

New for Version 4.0.3 Mar 2019

- Data update - Added Scheels to sporting goods stores - Added Share button back to iPad detail view - Couple other bug fixes

New for Version 4.0.2 Aug 2018

- Fix for clear text button in search box - Fix to improve readability in a couple of areas - Fix to ability to select complete address

New for Version 4.0.1 Aug 2018

- This is a minor bug fix for map view and a contact form

New for Version 4 July 2018

- Support for iPhone X
- A new, cleaner location detail view
- New option for Waze navigation
- Distance scale added to map
- New breakout of address, postal code and hand written text directions where available
- Updated filter button is new funnel/flashlight icon
- Database update

New for Version 3.3.2 May 2018

- Database update
- Thousands of data changes throughout

New for Version 3.3.1 Oct 2017

- Database update

New for Version 3.3 Apr 2017

- Hundreds of data changes throughout
- Underlying code improvements for security

New for Version 3.2 Jun 2016

- Hundreds of data changes throughout
- Removal of bankrupt Sports Authority

New for Version 3.1 Mar 2016

- Now see at a glance if a place accepts RVs and tents, is tent only or is hike-in
- Hundreds more free and dispersed locations
- A few bug fixes

New for Version 3 June 2015

- Database update with thousands of changes
- A few bug fixes

New for Version 2.6.1 Feb 2015

- Data update with hundreds of added places
- Thousands of location and information changes throughout

New for Version 2.6 July 2014

- Database update with thousands of changes.
- Filters for price, user rating and elevation.

New for Version 2.5 Jan 2014

- Database update with hundreds of changes.

New for Version 2.4.2 Aug 2013

- Database update adding nearly two hundred more free sites, remote and wildlife area campgrounds.

New for Version 2.4.1 June 2013

Added more campgrounds and data corrections. This update also fixed a label issue with some outdoor sporting good stores. A must have update.


Removed from Android Feb 2017

- Not enough support for quality paid apps on Android

New for Version 2.7 Mar 2016

- Hundreds more free and dispersed locations

New for Version 2.6.1 Feb 2015

- Data update with hundreds of added places
- Thousands of location and information changes throughout

New for Version 2.6 July 2014

- Database update with thousands of changes.

New for Version 2.5 Jan 2014

- Database update with hundreds of changes.

New for Version 2.4 July 2013

- Database update with hundreds changes.

New for Version 2.3.1 Apr 2013

- Database update with hundreds of changes.

New for Version 2.3 Jan 2013

- GPS based NOAA weather
- Reviews and ratings
- More screen layouts to work better on larger screens and tablets
- Rebuild of detail view with larger text and buttons. GPS decimal display added.
- Fixed bug where keyboard popped up often on some device models.
- More black on screen to save your battery


In App: There is a help function inside the app. On phones, go the upper left MORE button, and then look for the Help selection. On the iPad, tap the top center grey bar.


Frequently Asked Questions are RIGHT HERE on this link. We also post some of them on our AllStays Facebook page for discussion.


AllStays LLC

We do have a phone but because we are actually on the road and often in more remote places (not just sitting in a plush office somewhere), email works best. We will get your message faster and reply sooner if you can use email.