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Rest Stops Plus

Rest Stops Plus is Universal (One price for all devices: iPad/iPhone/iPod and one price for all your Android devices)

  • Where is the closest rest stop? Where is the next one in your direction? Or one with wifi or a RV dump? This is the only app that shows you directional access right on the map!

    What's in this Rest Stops Plus app for USA and Canada: Over 4,000 Welcome centers, turn outs, service plazas, scenic vistas and rest areas broken down by heading. A detail view lists each rest stops amenities like restrooms, picnic tables, vending machines, pet-friendly, RV dump, handicap accessible, security and even wi-fi.

    You've had it happen; you're on a route that you don't know like the back of your hand yet. You were unfamiliar with that part of the road, so you get out your heavy books and maps to plan your next stop or you can fiddle with your GPS unit which is loaded with stuff you don't want. But the economy is causing states to close and re-open rest areas all the time. This app tries to stay current with news and user reports but there will be mistakes. You can submit corrections from each point.

    Rest Stops Plus has a unique filtering system. Only heading northbound and don't want to see southbound rest stops that you can't use? Only want ones with a RV Dump or Wifi? You can filter Rest Areas and Turnouts by the direction you are heading or select amenities!

    The Rest Stops Plus data is stored on your phone, so calling upon a website for information is not necessary. This is great for improving speed when you're in rural areas or otherwise out of range for decent service.

    It integrates nicely with maps to display points of interest.

    Don't take even one more trip without Rest Stops Plus. Download this app now for a more comfortable travel stop experience every time you travel. The biggest thing this app can't provide is whether they are clean.

    Questions/requests? Email: apps @ allstays.com for a real reply.

    ** Cell service is required for full GPS functionality. Internet required for maps. App includes offline manual city look up mode.**

  • Details

    Rest Areas, Turnouts, Welcome Centers, Scenic Vistas: These are shown by direction and amenities such as:

    RV dump
    Pet friendly




    New for Version 5.0 Dec 2015

    - Another first from AllStays, now you can see directional access at a glance right on the map.
    - Data update

    New for Version 4.3 Feb 2015

    - Data update

    New for Version 4.2 Oct 2013

    - Data update and some incremental design changes for iOS7

    New for Version 4.1

    -Canada locations added

    New for Version 4

    -Added advanced filtering so you can select exactly what amenity you want to see.


    New for Version 3.4.3 Nov 2014

    - Data update

    New for Version 3.4.2 Jul 2013

    - Data update

    New for Version 3.4.1 Jan 2013

    - More screen layouts to work better on larger screens and tablets
    - Rebuild of detail view with larger text and buttons.
    - Fixed bug where keyboard popped up often on some device models.
    - More black on screen to save your battery


    In App: There is a help function inside the app. On phones, go the upper left MORE button, and then look for the Help selction. On the iPad, tap the top center grey bar.


    AllStays LLC

    We do have a phone but because we are actually on the road and often in more remote places (not just sitting in a plush office somewhere), email works best. We will get your message faster and reply sooner if you can use email.