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RV Dump Stations

Rest Stops Plus is Universal (One price for all devices: iPad/iPhone/iPod)

  • Where's the closest RV Dump station at a campgrounds, a rest area, a truck stop, a water treatment plant?

    RV Dumps knows these things. And you can easily know too. This same data is part of the "Camp and RV" app which has a dump station filter in it.

    RV Dumps checks your location and displays up to 150 points on a map view. You can filter by type to see only what you want to see on the map and zoom out. You can also use the offline manual lookup to find locations by type, state and city...even when you have no phone service!

    RV Dumps takes the database from the top ranked camping app called Camp & RV and filters all points that have a dump station as an amenity (not "hookups" which are at a site. Many parks no longer have stand alone stations.) Maybe you need one and a night stop or you are just passing on through. From Rest Areas to truck stops to private campgrounds (either stay the night or call to see if you can pay a separate fee). From State Parks to even some National Park and Forest campgrounds that have one.

    Dump stations are being paved over left and right these days. We removed several each day that are found to be closed. Please send in reports and adds. I have hundreds more dump locations that I don't have GPS points for so they can't be placed in the mobile app yet. I keep working on those.


    - Search for specific locations around you on a map.
    - One-touch calling for places that have a phone number listed. Good idea to call and ask about the fees as Flying J now charges for it.
    - One-touch turn-by-turn directions for all POIs.
    - Works when iPhone has no phone service.
    - Supports a manual lookup mode where users can look up parks and truck stops that have RV dumps.

    The recent update makes major changes that previous app reviews won't reflect. We added thousands of places like wastewater treatment plants, dealerships, gas stations, public places, storage places and stores.

    Questions/requests? Email: apps @ allstays.com for a real reply.

    ** Cell service is required for full GPS functionality. Internet required for maps. App includes offline manual city look up mode.**

  • Details

    RV dump stations at:

    Truck Stops
    Rest Areas
    Dealers and service
    Gas Stations
    Elks Lodges
    Military Camps
    Wastewater Treatment Plants




    New for Version 4.0.3 Jun 2020

    - Data update

    New for Version 4.0.2 July 2019

    - Data update
    - Fix for clear text button in search box
    - Fix to improve readability in a couple of areas
    - Fix to ability to select complete address

    New for Version 4.0.1 Aug 2018

    - This is a minor bug fix for map view and a contact form

    New for Version 4 July 2018

    - Support for iPhone X
    - A new, cleaner location detail view
    - New option for Waze navigation
    - Distance scale added to map
    - New breakout of address, postal code and hand written text directions where available
    - Updated filter button is new funnel/flashlight icon
    - Database update

    New for Version 3.5.1 Oct 2017

    - Database update

    New for Version 3.5 Apr 2017

    - Database update
    - Some code updates for https and security

    New for Version 3.4.1 Dec 2015

    - Data update

    New for Version 3.4 Apr 2014

    - Data update

    New for Version 3.3

    - Data update

    New for Version 3.2

    - Added couple hundred dump stations and removed many that have closed.

    New for Version 3.0

    - Added thousands of dump stations, from stores and gas stations to wastewater treatment plants.

    - Expanded filters to find places by type and more.


    In App: There is a help function inside the app. On phones, go the upper left MORE button, and then look for the Help selection. On the iPad, tap the top center grey bar.


    AllStays LLC

    We do have a phone but because we are actually on the road and often in more remote places (not just sitting in a plush office somewhere), email works best. We will get your message faster and reply sooner if you can use email.