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Wholesome Trader Foods

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  • Universal (One price for all devices).

  • Where is the closest Trader Joes? Sprouts? Other stores? You may not have to eat junk while you travel. Find the one nearest you or far away. With or without service. We had one other well known store listed but they do not want RVers, travelers or out of towners to visit their stores. Only locals are welcome at their wholesome chain locations.

    Wherever I travel, whether by RV, car or plane, I check to see if one of these two brands are nearby so I can stock my small fridge. I used to check multiple websites or apps with other things mixed in and getting in my way. This app is a simple solution.

    - Find the nearest ones to you right now on the map view.

    - Planning ahead for other places? Type a city in the search box and jump there on the map.

    - No service? Use the in-app manual lookup.

    - Tap a location for more information such as distance from your current location, phone number, address and directions from Google Maps.

    - Easily report errors, changes or post important comments from each locations detail view.

    For all features and best results, a GPS enabled device is recommended but this is designed to run and look good on all devices. The data is stored locally on your device. Using the manual lookup button, you can find places by state and city without internet service. You can list all places or just one preferred type.

    AllStays LLC is not associated with Trader Joes or Sprouts in any way.

    Questions/requests? Email: apps @ allstays.com for a real reply.

    ** Cell service is required for full GPS functionality. Internet required for maps. App includes offline manual city look up mode.**

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