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Stay Clean and Green with Environmentally Friendly Soaps

There are many soaps on the market. These are a few that you can use at home or in the wild if necessary. Just remember that's is always to best to use none at all if possible. Hot water and a sponge work well. Small natural water sources can be contaminated from your oils and soaps. Scrub your body with small rocks, gravel, or sand. Swim in your clothes and scrub them, without soap, while swimming. Sand can also be used to scrub your dishes.

Seventh Generation Dish Soap

Seventh Generation provides a whole line of quality products free from chlorine, phosphates and guaranteed to be biodegradeable. Seventh Generation's soaps suds up and clean just as well as any other brand and they are environmentally friendly. Seventh Generation website

Herbal Natural Dishwashing Liquid

This product from LifeTree is highly concentrated and requires just a few drops for a full load of dirty dishes. LifeTree is committed to cutting down on packaging and using post-consumer recycled bottles. This dish soap also has aloe and herbal extracts to keep your hands soft and smooth. LifeTree website

Bio Pac Dishwashing Soap Apple-Aloe with Tea Tree Oil

Bio Pac's dish soap with aloe and tea tree oil. Another fine company with good intentions. See their committment to green cleaning and natural ingredients. Plus the company donates ten percent of its profits to wilderness preservation. Bio Pac website

Method Dish Soap

Method has a natural phosphate free dish soap. The soap also works well to remove grease and particles. Packaging is simple and somewhat innovative as well. The essential oils and bottle doesn't need to be inverted. Method website



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