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Overnight Parking

Overnight RV Parking and not camping

We keep expanding our sections on Overnight RV Parking locations so it is time for a roundup. Many times we want to get from Point A to Point B without much relaxing on the trip. We may only need to stop for some sleep and then get back on the road. Some us are frugal and don't like paying $25-$70 just to park and sleep. We may not need a pool and all the luxury items that many resorts and KOA parks have. Those are great when we need them but sometimes we just want a break and to fill up on supplies.

Over the last few years, we've created guides to the locations for places you may want to find on the road. As you are traveling down the road, you may not know the zip code of some odd town coming up. Just fire up our guides with Google maps and you can see how they all layout on your route. But keep in mind that not all locations allow overnight parking. Many do not. You really should always call or ask ahead of time. Stores policies are one thing, but local ordinances are another.

Please keep in mind that this is parking and NOT camping. Abuse ruins it for everyone. There is a growing trend against banning this privilege so lets try to keep it as long as we can. Don't put your slides out. Don't use your awnings, grills or jacks. Don't leave garbage behind or drain tanks on the blacktop. Don't even leave your steps out. Many stores use this as the definition of allowing it. It should appear like you just ran into the store for something like any other shopper.

Why list all locations and not just some like other sites and guides do?
The reason that we list all the locations, and not just the ones that allow parking, is that polices change and you should check anyway if you need it. And, sometimes you don't want to park overnight but you need these places to fill up on supplies. So it's just easier to have it all together in one place.

WalyMart Stores
Kmart Stores
Target Stores
Sam's Club Stores
Costco Stores
Meijer Stores
Camping Worlds
Cracker Barrels
Lowes Stores
Menards Stores
Flying J Truck Stops
Loves Travel Stops
Pacific Pride Fuel Stops
Petro Truck Stops
Pilot Travel Centers
TA Travel Centers
All Truck Stops on one map
Rest Areas
Weigh Scales

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