Ancient Egypt

Each of the periods of ancient Egyptian history is filled with unique and fascinating people, events, and artwork. By examining the various periods in depth, a more complete view of this historically rich region can be formed. Fortunately, there are many online resources available for those who wish to embark on such a journey.

Predynastic Period

The Predynastic Period of Ancient Egypt lasted from the beginning of the Stone Age until the end of the Paleolithic Period. Trinity University provides an excellent overview of the art and archaeology of the era, as well as suggested readings.

Early Dynastic Period

The Early Dynastic Period of Egypt lasted from 3250 BC to 2685BC. The University of Texas has an excellent copy of lecture notes regarding this period. AncientEgypt has a brief history of the period as well as pictures of artwork and writing.

Old Kingdom

The Old Kingdom of Egypt lasted between 2650 BC and 2134 BC. Washington State University provides an overview of this period as well as images of pyramids from this time. History for Kids gives a brief history of the period and has links to additional information.

First Intermediate Period

The First Intermediate Period lasted from 2134 BC to 2040 BC. Digital Egypt has samples of pottery and art as well as information on kings and historical sites. Minnesota State University has a brief overview of the period as well as information about daily life and religion.

Middle Kingdom

The Middle Kingdom lasted from 2040 BC to 1640 BC. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a number of artifacts for visitors to view and learn more about.

Second Intermediate Period and the Hyksos

The Second Intermediate Period lasted between 1675 BC and 1553 BC. The King Tut Shop provides a brief overview of this time.

Tour Egypt explains what the Hyksos were and their role in Egyptian history. Im ninalu provides a closer look at the Semitic Influence in Egypt.

New Kingdom

The New Kingdom lasted between 1550 BC and 1070 BC. Mark Millmore discusses the dynasties of the New Kingdom.

Third Intermediate Period

The Third Intermediate Period lasted between 1070 BC and 712 BC. Digital Egypt has an excellent overview of this period.

Late Period

The Late Period of Egypt lasted between 712 BC and 332 BC. About has a comprehensive guide to this time period.

Ptolemaic Dynasty

The Ptolemaic Dynasty lasted from 305 BC to 30 BC. Michael Lahanas has information on the rulers of this time period as well as examples of artwork.

Historic Sites

Some of the most popular historic sites in Egypt are the Nile Valley, the various pyramids, the Sphinx, and the cities of Cairo and Alexandria.