Learning German

If you are planning to travel in Germany , learning the language is a must. Knowing the language is helpful when interpreting signs, asking directions, ordering from a menu, and when shopping or boarding the train.

Indo-European Language Tutorials is a great place to start. The site features comprehensive German grammar and vocabulary , including common phrases, useful words, and numbers. For further practice, visit Toms Deutschseite, and work through the grammar rules and extensive exercises .  Verbix's interactive feature helps you conjugate German verbs . If you would like printable worksheets, TJP German Grammar Help has free downloadable PDFs.

Sign up for a free membership at German-Flashcards for a fun way to practice vocabulary , and be sure to visit SmartPhrase for a large database of common German phrases organized by category. Travel-related topics include Food & Drink, Transport, and Shopping. Then test your vocabulary skills at Vokabel, where you can create your own hundred-word test .

The German language uses many compound words, and word order is different than English. Learning German online at Deutschkurs teaches these often difficult concepts, and provides audio clips to help with pronunciation. AskOxford also has audio files, providing correct pronunciation of vowels, consonants, vowel and letter combinations, and the alphabet.

Wrap up your travel preparations with a visit to German Language Guide, a site covering grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and conjugation. There are even some German recipes to give you a preview of the wonderful food you'll be able to order with your newly-acquired German language skills.

Even though most contemporary Germans speak English quite well, they appreciate a tourist's attempt to speak to them in their own language. While traveling in Germany, knowing the language is helpful when interpreting signs, asking directions, ordering from a menu, and when shopping or boarding the trains. Learn basic phrases or in-depth German online with these useful sites.

German grammar : Covering all parts of speech; includes interactive practice feature.

Tables and Information : Useful for conjugation and declension of German words.

Extensive German Grammar : Including vocabulary pages in PDF format.

Essential German Grammar : Reviewed step-by-step.

35 Lessons : Including pronunciation, word order, and compound words.

Comprehensive German Grammar and Vocabulary : Includes common phrases, useful words, and numbers.

German Vocabulary : Categorized by topic.

Interactive German-English : Vocabulary quizzes.

Vocabulary Trainer : Testing over hundreds of words.

German Pronunciation Guide : With audio files.

Tables Showing Pronunciations : Includes vowels and consonants with examples.

Database of German Phrases : Organized by category; includes Food & Drink, Transport, and Shopping.