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Green Hotels Rating System

(taking the right step forward for us and Earth one night at a time)

Allergies Conscious - Property tries to take care of people with chemical sensitivities and allergies.

Alternative Energy - Uses renewable energy which can include biomass, solar, water, wind and geothermal.

Bulk Soap & Amenities - Soaps, shampoo and conditioner in bulk dispensers instead of individual bottles, reducing packaging, costs and landfill impact.

Compostable Disposables - Properties that use biodegradable disposables like napkins or corn-based plastics whenever possible.

Composting - Turning solid organic materials into a soil-like product for gardens. This aids in holding moisture and decreases the need for watering.

Cotton Towels-Sheets - Cotton items do not add VOCs to the air in guestrooms. Synthetic fabrics are not sustainable and use petrochemicals.

Durable Service Items - Cups, glasses, mugs, dishes, tableware and other items that are long-lasting and not disposables.

Eco-friendly Food - Offers food that is sensitive to it's natural environment, wildlife and plants. It may be organically grown and raised or is local and fresh reducing transportation impact costs.

Educate Guests - Teaching people by their website or onsite about the green actions they are taking, why they are important and how others can make an impact as well.

Educate Staff - Teaching staff about the green actions they are taking, why they are important and how to encourage others to make an impact as well.

Energy Conservation - Property reduces energy consumption through any means possible. This may be selecting energy efficient appliances, compact flourescent or LED lighting, turning things off when not in use and using more insulation and weather stripping.

Environmental Cleaning - Housekeeping and laundry that avoids harsh chemicals and cleaning styles and supplies.

Fresh Air - Rooms that have windows that open or use a fresh air exchange system in the building.

Gray-Water Recycling - Gray water is water from the kitchen and bathroom sinks and showers, laundry sinks and tubs, and washing machines where only safe biodegradable soaps are used. This water can be used to water plants and landscaping instead of being waster in a sewer. Plants thrive on this water even more so than fresh water. The water is filtered and cleaned by the soil on its way to the ground and underground water systems.

Guestroom Recycling Bins - Recycle containers in guestrooms rather than just trash cans.

Hotel Recycling Bins - Recycle containers placed around the property where guests and staff can use them instead of just trash cans.

Non-Smoking Rooms - Property has rooms guaranteed to be free of smoke pollution. A hotel may use a floor or the entire hotel as a smoke-free environment. It is more difficult to clean a room after smoking. This in turn leads to an impact on allergies and chemical sensitivities.

Organic Food - Organic food is grown without pesticides or fertilizers. It is healthier and tastes better.

Participate in Green Programs - Properties that participate in certification programs or are members of green programs. It is possible that they just become a member and do nothing. Hopefully it is a sign of positive green action and some day will be enforced and inspected.

Promote Green Aspects - Properties that mention their green efforts in advertising. There are many places that take green actions yet do not mention it at all. Promoting what we do promotes awareness.

Recyclable Disposables - Properties that use recyclable disposable products instead of those like foam and certain plastics that fill landfills for a hundred years.

Sheet Program - Hotels do not need to wash your sheets every day of your stay. A hotel may let you decide when to wash them or wash them at certain intervals instead of daily. This does not mean they do not clean sheets between guests. It pertains to your own multi-night stay.

Towel Program - Hotels do not need to wash your towels every day of your stay. A hotel may let you decide when to wash them or wash them at certain intervals instead of daily. This does not mean they do not clean towels between guests. It pertains to your own multi-night stay.

Water Conservation - Properties that reduce water usage. This can include low-flow toilets and shower heads, washing sheets and towels less often, native landscaping that doesn't require additional watering, or implementing gray water systems.

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Green Hotels and Lodging

    Green Hotels

Green Lodging
These are places that are taking steps to minimize their footprint on the earth. It may be conserving energy, water or waste. Some do more than others but it is important to support all efforts whenever you can. Let them know that you appreciate it and ask other places to take more responsibility. Many are part of a green state or national organization. We do not inspect them ourselves. We are now adding details about what each place does to minimize it's impact on the environment.

How Green Is AllStays?
Our office runs on solar electric, uses all florescent and LED lighting along with the most energy conserving technology we can find. Our RV is the most fuel efficient biodiesel capable RV made with solar power and LED lighting. We do not use a generator or need to plug in (being more green saves money too).