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For Rest Stop: All vehicles are separated by types, automobiles are in one side, RVs and motor homes in other and semi trucks completely on their own. This is nice because you can sleep quietly without being next to an idling truck next to you. There are two clean bathroom buildings and a good area to walk and stretch your legs. Downside, there’s some trash where people clean out their vehicles and some RVs appeared abandoned.

Posted Jul 24, 2022 by ZiaMituna from CA. This is the subjective opinion of a traveler and not of AllStays LLC.


For Rest Stop: Very nice rest stop. Lots of parking spaces, two clean restrooms and WARM water, soap and working hand dryers! Dump station and picnic areas.

Posted Jan 24, 2021 by Sue from Salem. This is the subjective opinion of a traveler and not of AllStays LLC.


For Rest Stop: The original rv dump facility has been replaced with a completely new one, which is now at the entrance to the rest area. As noted by a previous reviewer, DO NOT enter the commercial truck.area, but enter the passenger vehicle area to reach the dump station. There are two clearly marked dump station lanes. Both have a waste inlet with non-potable rinse water available, and both have a potable freshwater station about 25 feet ahead of the waste inlet. The entire dump station is paved with concrete. Each waste inlet is recessed below surrounding ground level in a sloped concrete apron or shallow basin. There is a heavy metal lid over each waste opening, which does not open up fully, so may prevent a 90-degree fitting on the end of a dump hose from going into the waste opening. The rinse water is obtained from a short hose on a vertical pedestal next to the waste opening. There is a non-removable metal 90-degree nozzle on the end of the hose. The rinse water comes out of the small nozzle opening at a high pressure so can be messy to use. Unfortunately for a person dumping on their own, the rinse water is turned on by pressing a button about 10 feet away from the rinse water hose pedestal. The water sprays strongly out of the nozzle as soon as the button is pushed, runs for about 30-40 seconds, then shuts off. There is about a 10-second waiting period before the button resets. and can be pushed again to get more water. All this makes it hard to use the rinse water without a second person to operate the button. The freshwater is supplied from an outlet pipe with standard hose threads, so a hose can be attached to obtain freshwater. The freshwater is supplied through pushing a button, just like the rinse water is dispensed. So obtaining freshwater is much easier with two people instead of only one. The dump site is difficult to access from anywhere but the rest area entrance lane. Fully entering the rest area to park, then going to the dump site on the way out of the rest area, requires a very long curving back-up into the dump lanes, against traffic entering the rest area. In other words, potentially very difficult. This is a very busy rest area with a large number of very long-term occupants. Despite that, it is reasonably quiet and peaceful during the night.

Posted Jun 12, 2020 by DanC from Oregon. This is the subjective opinion of a traveler and not of AllStays LLC.


For Rest Stop: RV dump is no longer on the exit. Take the car side of the rest area

Posted May 07, 2020 by Lynn from . This is the subjective opinion of a traveler and not of AllStays LLC.


For Rest Stop: Very clean dump area. Use the restrooms first because the dump is on the way out.

Posted Apr 01, 2018 by AppAnonyuser from USA. This is the subjective opinion of a traveler and not of AllStays LLC.

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