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Pati T

The park is lush with large trees. Our site had several trees between us and the sites next to us. It was a pull through site. The sewer hook up is at the back of the site. For us to open our awning between the trees we had to use 30 feet of sewer hose. I have. 17 ft TT and we had no problem making turns or navigating. I can see that a larger rig might have a slightly difficult time with all the trees especially if you have slide outs. The camp store is very well stocked. The best one I’ve come across. The prices are very reasonable. The pool is in the shape of Florida. There is a little outside bar/ice cream stand at the pool which is next to camp store. The dog park area was good enough for my poor old German Shepherd to be off leash and blow off some steam. We walked to the lake and back. Beautiful lush foliage. It was about a mile. We only saw one other person in a golf cart the entire walk. It fills up on weekends but clears out Monday morning. We had the pool to ourselves today. The WiFi is slow compared to other places I’ve stayed. All in all I would come back. They have 100 acres so you can feel like you’re out in the woods when Publix is right around the corner. Great area.

Posted Aug 27, 2018 by Pati T from Miami, Florida . This is the subjective opinion of a traveler and not of AllStays LLC.

Steve Albert

We travel in a 40 foot motor home with a flat-tow. The very narrow and curvy sand roads made getting to our campsite very difficult, especially with the overgrown foliage that badly needed trimming. Several times, we had to rub against palmetto tree leaves to reach our campsite. They also have large trees growing on the corner of turns that makes maneuvering of a 40 foot coach extremely hard. Our campsite was very narrow. We had 4 feet of space on the left. In order to make sufficient space for our slides, we parked with our right side tires on the concrete pad.

After hooking up, we turned on the water and watched brown colored, highly sulphur smelling water flow into the kitchen sink. I filled an empty plastic water bottle, took it to the office and asked if this was the quality of water we could expect at this campground. I was told "not normally, but I'll get someone to look at it." Then the staff member pointed at a printed "boil water" sign that wasn't mentioned when we checked in. When I reentered my coach, you could smell sulphur in the air as soon as you entered the front door. We let the water run for about 30 minutes and it finally cleared up from brown to a light tan and the sulphur smell was reduced. About 3 hours later, someone finally arrived to check on the water. They said the bad water was due to Hurricane Irma. We did use the water for bathing and bottled water for drinking and cooking.

This is a very old park that needs a lot of maintenance. We will not stay here again.

Posted Oct 01, 2017 by Steve Albert from . This is the subjective opinion of a traveler and not of AllStays LLC.

Count Pointless Cub

Friendly staff.

Posted Jun 22, 2009 by Count Pointless Cub from ME. This is the subjective opinion of a traveler and not of AllStays LLC.

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