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For Kiamichi Park: This review is specifically for the equestrian campground in Kiamichi Park. I'm here mid June 2021 and have yet to receive a mosquito bite. Flying bugs in general are pretty low-volume. Not sure if it's because of the plentiful tree frogs in the immediate area or what. If you love tree frog song, this is a great place to be, @ least in June. They are loud in the otherwise silence of this loop. Every great once in a while you can hear a vehicle out on highway 70 but it has to be a pretty loud vehicle. Another plus of this area in general is the large aircraft that fly over are high enough that you cannot hear them, unlike some other parks that are located west near western Texoma or are near I-35. The south end of the equestrian loop is within sight of and a very very short walk to the water. Some folks even tie their fishing boats up near the end of the path while camped here in the equestrian area. If you swim in that particular area be warned that the bottom drops VERY quickly once you are in the water from the shale rock shore. The bottom is also shake rock pieces as far as I could touch. The loop has nine sites, all appear to be gravel driveway/parking pad,some have horse pens, some do not but all have water and 30 amp electricity. Bring an extra hose because you will be sharing a double faucet with your neighbor, if you have a neighbor, and water spigots are approximately halfway between the sites and some site widths are very large. (50 ft driveway to driveway in some cases) The facilities are pit toilet only but they are clean and do not smell. Naturally look for spiders and the occasional scorpion before you sit down. A four individual toilet/shower cluster that I love about COE parks is just up the road maybe a mile to a mile and a half and is at the very front of another camping loop where it can be seen from the main park road. A horse trailhead is located next to the large 5 or 6 stall pen. The trail is not mowed but for the most part not real overgrown, I hiked several miles of the 30 some miles of trails and loops in shorts with no damage, ticks or bites. Trails are blazed in various colors and the blazes for the most part are not too hard to spot. The blazes are little painted wooden arrows and in most places different colored ribbon corresponding with the trail map which you kind of have to hunt for on the internet to find. I will try to link it or attach it here. I usually don't give away my " finds", but this huge park deserves more traffic and income.

Posted Jul 18, 2021 by B H from TX. This is the subjective opinion of a traveler and not of AllStays LLC.


For Kiamichi Park: We are staying on the Juniper loop which is the most developed of the areas with level concrete pads, picnic table, fire ring and grill. Some sites have covers over the picnic table while some don’t. We are here for 2 nights in mid week. It very quite and peace would stay again if I was passing through here.

Posted Sep 18, 2020 by Charlie from . This is the subjective opinion of a traveler and not of AllStays LLC.


For Kiamichi Park: This place is amazing. We are here on a Wednesday in October. It is very clean and quiet. We are camped right on the water. They had free firewood for everyone.

Posted Oct 17, 2019 by Craig from OK. This is the subjective opinion of a traveler and not of AllStays LLC.


For Kiamichi Park: Pretty nice place for level sites. Good staff. The worst part was other campers, as is at many of these places. They break rules, make others miserable and the staff is afraid to do anything about it.

Posted Jun 13, 2012 by Reginald from MI. This is the subjective opinion of a traveler and not of AllStays LLC.

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