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Up to it camper

For Big Ridge State Park: Stayed 2 nights Weather Rainy (mid 60’s) pleasant for mid March Roads narrow like most campgrounds but with the added challenges of compensatory measures in place. ie logs, fences, and Big Rocks places to protect the park, however they are not camper/vehicle friendly. ie if you’ve never been to this campground it not advisable to roll in after dark or else you could ruin your camping trip before it gets started. Campsite #25 Probably the worst to back into bc steep hill on one side Big Rock on the other. All campsites are back in only 1 pull through which is a Handicap site. Water: frostless spigot - 45 psi - (normal) the spigot is on wrong side for most all campers ie when I walked out of my camper/ off my campsite, I had to step over the supply hose. The Park had a line break on Sat about lunch time, they got right on, it but it took several hours to fix. Repair crew equipment blocked off road. You could leave/get back in, but it was a pain. Electric both 30/50 amp. Power guard had 2 green lights all weekend. No sewer hook up only dump station Set up: in order to park vehicle on campsite the had to be placed with stabilizers half on /half off pavement. Decently level 3/4” boards under wheel on downhill side. Bathhouses 2 each decently clean Showers yes but no I did not nor would I use. Trash: dumpster at entrance to campground. Foliage: trees some underbrush (about normal) if your a hammock person then be selective with campsite or be flexible. Dump station: one and only one be prepared to wait on Sunday. Amenities: Trails are a trek, to get to trail head from campground either drive to trail head or add 2 miles to hike. No trail map provided even after I asked. There was a big tear you one off pad on the counter down from the register, it was free after I pointed to it and said could I have one. No park map either I was provided with an 8 1/2” X 11” sheet after I requested, the attendant looked like okay, but that was my copy, & now I’ll have to print another. The Pool is closed due to pandemic. Playground is a trek and in Rec area, so it’s a free-for-all. Lots of folks on bicycles. Helmet rules apply. Pets lots and lots of dogs not one cat that I saw. Leash rules apply. Fishing and paddling are available looks like it’s a bring you own kinda thing. Lake was down low but it’s March so summer lake levels won’t be around till June or so. Services: don’t count on ordering pizza because you didn’t catch your dinner be prepared because it’s a 15 mile trek. Fuel seems to be the same so stock up in your way in, that is IF you’re the I’m going camping not shopping type. Summary: All in all it’s a mid range campground not bad /not good seems to be popular with the locals, as it was almost sold out in mid-March. I am here to check off another TN RV campground so I’ll not be back unless it’s just a overnight stop on my way to a destination. Nothing bad to say about the place nothing to brag about either.

Posted Mar 13, 2021 by Up to it camper from NW AL. This is the subjective opinion of a traveler and not of AllStays LLC.


For Big Ridge State Park: This campground needs better management. It has so much potential but they don’t clean the bathrooms very well. The laundry room was dirty, half the machines didn’t work or worked properly. The sights are not real level. Dump station was the worst we have ever used. It did have good tv and Verizon coverage. Did have a lot of hiking. Really to bad the state doesn’t look into their campgrounds to make sure they are run better. We camped in site 31.

Posted Oct 19, 2019 by Don from Vermont . This is the subjective opinion of a traveler and not of AllStays LLC.


For Big Ridge State Park: Spots are decent sized. Not to terribly close. The lake and hiking are wonderful and worth the stay. Bathroom/shower house #3 needs a remodel. Was very run down and dirty but bathroom/shower house #1 was decent.

Posted Aug 06, 2017 by Rosemary from Florida . This is the subjective opinion of a traveler and not of AllStays LLC.


For Big Ridge State Park: Many small sites here. Turns are tight for bigger rigs. Clean place. Staff is on the ball.

Posted Jul 29, 2012 by Jarod from MI. This is the subjective opinion of a traveler and not of AllStays LLC.

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