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My family and I stated five nights here, and have a lot of good to say:

Beautiful large sites, especially 21. It's near the beach, but the beach is hidden. Accessible via somewhat steep path it was a wonderful place to fish and swim that hardly anyone else knew about.

We came in on a Sunday of what we believe was spring break. Some people were playing music that night but nothing too awful. After the Monday clear out everything became quiet until we left Friday morning.

Smooth, level concrete pads (with space for an extra vehicle), surrounded by lots of nice grass. Despite a massive storm that dumped 4" of rain on us one night, there was no flooding and just a small muddy area right up against the patio.

The site has a gorgeous covered picnic table/patio with a little "bar" area for serving up food from the nice covered BBQ pit. It was actually the perfect height for a standing desk for me so I didn't have to set up my own.

A sturdy fire ring is also available.

The playground is top notch and the swimming area is nice with plenty of room.

Cell service was decent: 8mb Verizon and 20mb w/AT&T (depending on time of day, but tower congestion was not bad)

The few staff were very friendly. They appear to be park hosts living on site. They were also RVillage members who were happy to say hello and offer assistance if needed.

Large, easy to approach double dump station on the way out.

You are only 25 miles away from an Amazon locker in Round Rock if you need anything. Taylor itself has a decent Super Walmart and solid eating options, not to mention you are pretty close to Austin if that tickles your fancy.

Potential gripes:

It's pea gravel everywhere (playground and beach) which is nice if you don't like sand getting everywhere but can be hard on the feet.

The bathrooms are a bit dated from what I'm used to with COE sites. No hot water in the shower except at one of the three we saw. All smelled pretty bad. On the last day we were there the smell was gone, so I'm tempted to chalk it up to the sudden rise in temps we've had, or just being temporarily overwhelmed by spring break.

The layout of the two camping loops with no designated paths between them encouraged people to cut through our campsite in order to go from one to the other. It was not a large volume of traffic (1 a day or so), but we are not used to anyone just wondering through another's campsite like that.

Overall, I think it's a solid 4-star experience, and a great place to unwind.

Posted Apr 03, 2018 by KalifG from Texas. This is the subjective opinion of a traveler and not of AllStays LLC.

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