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Karen Johnson

Awesome place. Don’t go if you want a traditional RV park/resort. This is an experience. The front driveway almost scared me into turning around. It’s a smaller looking dirt road next to some shacks. But I went in and there’s a big circular parking area where people tent/van and you can fit a long rig or two. Mine is over 50’ with the Jeep in tow and I got in and out fine. You could drop your car and go to the back by the pond too and it’s dark and peaceful. He’s let you run your generator maybe if it was quiet and far back if you locked a spot with no power. There are amazing birds and loose wildlife. Matt the owner is awesome and cooks dinner on the weekend a lot of the time. For anyone to have. There are 2 donkeys on a pen in the back. A huge pig named Peaches that’s loose and lays under the table at Matt’s feet for shade. The people who work are permanent like Mr. Steven’s or people staying and helping out for a reduction of fees. You can have your own private natural spring hot tub for an hour per camp day. Just schedule it. So you can choose to keep your bathing suit on or not but it’s private. Or you can venture to the communal ones. I got private. Haha. Anyway there are ducks, chickens, a rooster, baby chicks, peacocks and all other wild birds so it’s more like a rain forest sounding oasis than Arizona desert. It’s awesome! Don’t be typical. Go off the beaten path!! Matt is starting a desert excursion too with horses, off tossing and sleeping in hurts!!

Posted Jun 19, 2021 by Karen Johnson from Boston . This is the subjective opinion of a traveler and not of AllStays LLC.


Stay away from this place. It’s not worth the price— which is misleading sine the amount you see listed on Allstays is actually a per person price. We had just a place to park next to one their hot tubs and it had a 30 amp hookup with no fuse or breaker. No hot water for the shower. The toilet leaked & smelled of urine. I can’t believe this ever got listed on Allstays, let alone that anyone has given good reviews. As far as I am concerned, it is a scam to list it as a camping spot.

Posted Mar 04, 2020 by Thlayle from Michigan . This is the subjective opinion of a traveler and not of AllStays LLC.

SarahBeth This is a kind of sketchy hang out for folks that want to soak naked in ratty surroundings. Not folks that want to camp or travelers who need a place to eat and sleep. Yes it’s quaint in a really kitschy way. It’s a bunch of cobbled together fences and shacks with hens and a pig and cats running around. And by the way, those birds are a huge flock of blackbirds and grackles squawking away in the tall reeds that surround the place. We parked in the driveway and plugged into one of the shacks. It was the most pricey stop of our 8 week trip and we couldn’t even get a hot shower. No thanks

Posted Mar 01, 2020 by SarahBeth from West Michigan. This is the subjective opinion of a traveler and not of AllStays LLC.

Thomas P

Great place. Incredible bird life. Quiet. Peaceful.

Posted Mar 23, 2019 by Thomas P from NC. This is the subjective opinion of a traveler and not of AllStays LLC.


Fun and funky place to soak and stay. The water is divine--hot and odorless--drinkable too. An overnight stay here gets you a private hot tub for two hours--you can split them up--and you can also use the communal tubs. Mind you the communal tubs are nude so if you are the shy type or easily offended you may want to pass. Pick a grapefruit for breakfast and enjoy the resident peacocks. It's all cool.

Posted Jan 01, 2017 by Brooklycowgirl from Brooklyn . This is the subjective opinion of a traveler and not of AllStays LLC.


We camped here in our 40 foot motorhome. Wonderful place to have a hot soak, pristine water, no chlorine! Clothes optional in the tubs. Rustic but wonderful place to camp because of the hot springs.

Posted Feb 27, 2015 by William from CA. This is the subjective opinion of a traveler and not of AllStays LLC.


Stayed 2 nights in mid Feb 2015. Funky laid back place. 6 Rv sites, bunch of tent sites. $50 (no tax) lets two people stay in RV site without elec. Cheaper than walk in for 2 people to soak. Elec $5 extra, if they have one. Community soaking is nude only. Only place. Water does not have sulfur smell. There is a Mexican restaurant in Tonopah, we didn't go, and a truck stop. That's it. If your not into hot springs you probably won't appreciate. Will have to see what happens when the egg laying chicken farm 1/4 mile away gets done. Could affect water, smell.

Posted Feb 27, 2015 by Kilroy from racine, wi. This is the subjective opinion of a traveler and not of AllStays LLC.



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