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AllStays Pro: For PC/Mac & GPS
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AllStays Pro: For PC/Mac & GPS
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Let me start by saying that no ones ever accused me of being too easily satisfied. I’m an entrepreneur and have always held myself and team to the highest standard in regards to customer service as I watch the businesses of the world treat it more like an optional davor that one would be lucky if they should receive any amount of it. As I walk into the Love Travel Center in Lodi Ca at 3am after a horrid 24 hours, to say my expectations we low is an understatement. For the time of night it was surprisingly busy. I had just signed up with a membership yet never used the showers or really any amenity offered by Loves TC. Olivia and her colleague (sweet girl, shorter height, but didn’t catch her name) rang me up for some snacks and were having friendly conversation with multiple customers as they rang me up along with the unexpected 20 Youn Latin men who oddly enough appeared at one time and all wanting to buy a snack. Not only were these girls not talking shit or showing dismay like I’ve watched so many people do in situations like this, but they seemed to have their rhythm and were handling that line like some G’s! (Sorry for the vernacular, but it perfectly described what I saw). Without missing a beat with that line, they explained where and how to connect to the WiFi as well as informing me how to use the shower area. This is where I met the blessed angel who can only have been sent from God herself, and the sole person for resurrecting my faith in the future of a white glove level of customer service in a world bent on making everything fast and cheap, the amazing Irma. Even with a broken finger that she refused to complain about due to the fact that it was a thieving customer attacking her, she wore a friendly smile and a personal tone the entire time she dealt with me. Because I was having problems getting the damn account setup online (rather my account number to work), she could see the frustration on my face and took my info and did it for me while I was in the shower, which she explained thoroughly and simply, likely better than any execs who wrote that portion of their training manual. I honestly felt like I was at the four seasons and even then, have had some staff there not live up to the stellar service I received at Loves of Lodi that cold early morning. I know this may sound like some bullshit review that ones own friend could’ve wrote, but I assure you you I didn’t know these girls before walking in and actually had never really been to Lodi aside the quick passes on the freeway. You’re welcome to contact me or do whatever research you want on my credentials or truth in this review. It’s honest and true, and quite refreshing for me to even write (hence the length). I don’t know how often I’ll need their services in the future, but given the choice (and let’s be honest, there’s typically a bunch of opinions at these rest stops) I will likely always choose Loves over any other brand and even go out of my way to frequent that location for any needs that arise in the future. Hats off to you three ladies! Your professional demeanor and phenomenal attitudes will take you beyond just your professional goals, its a light that I have no doubt you unknowingly share with people daily, reminding pessimistic assholes like myself that the world isn’t that bad after all... (steps off soapbox)

Posted Nov 11, 2018 by Ryan from San Francisco. This is the subjective opinion of a traveler and not of AllStays LLC.


Decent place to park for the night, rather well lit.

Posted Mar 16, 2018 by DK from Ky. This is the subjective opinion of a traveler and not of AllStays LLC.

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