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View the list below for some select books on haunted places and ghost stories.

"There are thirty dead souls

behind every single living one on earth..."

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   Ghostly Guide (U.K.)
   Haunted Castles (U.K.)
  Haunted Books

Haunted Books                                               
            (the best books you may NEVER want to put down)

Find More Haunted Books: ..

Haunted Highway : The Spirits of Route 66
by Ellen Robson, Dianne Halicki (Dec 1999) List: $12.95
Haunted Places : The National Directory : Ghostly Abodes, Sacred Sites, Ufo Landings, and Other Supernatural Locations
by Dennis William Hauck (Oct 1996) List: $16.95
Walking Haunted London
by Richard Jones (May 1999) List: $14.95
The International Directory of Haunted Places : Ghostly Abodes, Sacred Sites, and Other Supernatural Locations
by Dennis William Hauck (Oct 2000) List: $16.00
The Field Guide to North American Hauntings : Everything You Need to Know About Encountering over 100 Ghosts, Phantoms, and Spectral Entities
by W Haden Blackman (Oct 1998) List: $15.00
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Ghosts and Hauntings
by Tom Ogden (Oct 1999) List: $16.95
Passing Strange : True Tales of New England Hauntings and Horrors
by Joseph A Citro (Nov 1997) List: $14.00
Peter Underwood's Guide to Ghosts and Haunted Places
by Peter Underwood (Mar 2000) List: $14.95
Haunted Salem & Beyond
by Lynda Lee Macken (Aug 2001) List: $7.95
True Ghost Stories of Lancaster County Pennsylvania
by Dorothy Burtz Fiedel (Oct 1995) List: $6.99
Welcome Inn
by Ed Okonowicz, Kathleen Okonowicz (Oct 1995) List: $8.95
Haunted Holidays (Discovery Channel Travel Adventures)
by Laura Foreman, Editor (Sept 1999) List: $19.95
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