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Langham Hotel London Ghost Story   

1C Portland Place, Regent Street, London,(44) 20 7636 1000

Over the last 170 years, at least five ghosts make regular appearances in this hotel. One of the active spirits is a silver-haired Victorian with blank staring eyes. History says he is the spirit of a doctor said to have committed suicideafter murdering his new wife on their honeymoon.

The Langhamhas another guest who never wants to leave. He is a German prince who threw himself out an upper window.

The most infamous room, and still available for those hearties who do not believe in ghosts, is room 333. In this room, a BBC newscaster had woken up in the formerly dark of night and saw a fluorescent ball which began to take a human shape before his eyes. He could see through the figure to objects on the other side of the room. And when he asked the ghost who they might have been, the ghost began to float toward him with arms outstretched. He didn't stay around to get an answer.

When the man found the night concierge, they returned to the room together only to find the ghostly figure leaning over the bed where he had just been sleeping.

Who is that figure? Stay in room 333 and let us know.

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Haunting Great Britain Ghosts         

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"There are thirty
dead souls

behind every
single living one
on earth

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