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Hotel Data Correction

Q. How can my property get AllStays.com bookings?
A. All hotels in the Sabre system are able to be on AllStays. Your hotel/management company must participate in Sabre Hotels or the World Choice Travel Net Rate hotel program in order for you property to appear on AllStays.com. Sabre offers a variety of participation programs. For more information about Sabre go to www.sabre.com . If you would like to be contacted by a sales representative to participate in Sabre Hotels, please send your contact information and general details about your property to hotel.eservices@sabre.com.

Q. How do I update my property information?
A. AllStays data is obtained from two sources: Sabre or the property directly. Your hotel may have changed its property name, address, or the amenities it offers and/or you may find that it isn't indexed to all of the city codes that you would like. To make corrections, please contact your property management company's global distribution system (GDS) department. This department is responsible for maintaining your hotel in Sabre. If you would like to change the name, featured amenities or phone number that is displayed on the city page, please send us corrections. If you would like to change the property description that AllStays shows for you property, please use the online description tool that can be found with your GDS provider.

Q. How do I change my property's rates in AllStays?
A. If you are using a global distribution system (GDS) to manage your company's rates and inventory, please contact them for rate changes. Rate changes (made via your GDS department) are updated in real time in AllStays. Once your GDS department has updated the rates and these rates are viewable in Sabre, the rates are viewable in AllStays.

Q. When will I see my Hotel Description (HOD) changes on AllStays?
A. When you have updated your property information in Sabre, your corrected data will appear after nightly uploads from Sabre. Sabre HOD information includes location, transportation, directions, services, room descriptions, attractions, amenities, indexes, main policy, cancel, guarantee and deposit policy.

Q. I have sent in my photos, logo, and marketing text. When will they be on the site?
A. All photos must pass a verification process before being placed. Due to the increased demand for adding property photos to the site, processing time may be 2 weeks.

Q. How do I update the rate range on AllStays.com?
A. The rate range is obtained dynamically from Sabre with an electronic availability request. When set up correctly in Sabre the range displayed will reflect the lowest and highest rate for the hotel during the requested date range. If the information is incorrect please contact your GDS department or the Sabre Associate help desk for assistance at 800-700-8711 or via email associate.helpdesk@sabre.com.

Hotel Property Photo Guidelines
AllStays.com is pleased to offer hotel associates the opportunity to display photos in the hotel booking module. There is no charge for this service; however, the associates must provide images through your GDS department using the Sabre Photo and Logo Upload tool. The instructions on how to use the tool can be found right here -OR- http://hoteleservices.sabre.com/. Please contact your GDS department or your Sabre account manager for assistance. Once the images have been uploaded to Sabre, you can expect to see them posted on AllStays with in 2-3 weeks.

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