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AllStays.com is the most unusual travel service on the web but is also a lot of fun work. This year will be better than ever and we want more great people for our team. We work together to bring consumers the best in travel apps, hotel rooms, campgrounds, weird travel stays and more. We try to provides tons of real, free information that no one else gives away.

AllStays.com is the kind of place where employees work hard and are learning all the time. If you're not learning something new every day, you're working someplace else. We're looking for team members who take initiative and act on resources, innovation, creative thinking, urgency, and passion. A passion for life and travel is a must.

Casual and Comfortable Workplace
We work hard and have fun. All work is done from remote locations. You can be dressed up or you can be in your pajamas. Whatever gets the the best work done for you.

Experience and Travel
Get out there and see the world. Your backyard may be the "world" for someone else so that is important as well. It can be next door or around the world. Your experiences make your life and that makes for interesting points of view.

Experience and Resumes
We don't need any fancy files. (Or viruses and spam) Content is king on the internet and when it comes to your life story. Send us your personal story or resume by simple text right here.

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AllStays LLC

Santa Fe, NM 87505
505-401-1297 (general office, not for reservations)
Use email from apps or this Contact Us form for best results because we are often in remote places and do not get voice messages for days.
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