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Camp and RV

iOS Universal (One price for all devices: iPad/iPhone/iPod)

The #1 Selling, #1 Ranked, #1 Reviewed Camping App for over 85 Months

The ultimate camping app that lets you find Campgrounds, RV Parks and related services with or without internet. Extensive map filters let you view only what you want to see.

Now into its eighth year, the most popular camping app gets better all year. It is the revolutionary app that lets you find and filter places and services with or without internet. From resorts to parking lots, extensive filters help you find exactly what you want year after year for a one time price & no ads. We are first with almost every new innovation and idea in the camping data space and then others try and copy us. So we keep on innovating to stay the best.

Why is it the top camping app?

➤Thousands more places than any other source.
➤A true universal app for iPhone, iPad & Touch.
➤Map adds points on the fly as you scroll.
➤Filter the map by type and by over 30 amenities. Hundreds of possibilities.
➤Want to see only campgrounds or tenting and no extras? One touch does it.
➤Data is on device for speed and accessibility.
➤Lookup data by type, state & city without service.
➤Photo and review searches that use the power of the entire web, not just one source.
➤Extras all in one app: Truck and rest stops, dump stations, supplies, RV service & low bridges.
➤Check weather based on the GPS of the location and not a nearby city airport.
➤Quick resources for road conditions, emergencies and various state laws.


✔Over 30,000 campgrounds: (US & Canada)
✔National & State Forests
✔National & State Parks
✔County/City Parks
✔Army Corps
✔Military famcamps
✔KOA, Good Sam, Escapees, Passport America, 1000 Trails, ROD, RPI, AOR, Coast to Coast, Elk
✔Primitive hike-in/boat-in/rough road spots that other apps exclude.


✔Official website, phone number, directions, open season, elevation, rate range, sites, hookups, amps, big rigs access, tents or no tents, clubs, water, showers, toilets, tables, pool, playground, laundry, propane, pet-friendly, RV dump station, age restrictions, storage, firewood, boat launch, seasonal sites and internet access.


+ Walmarts (with overnight parking reports), Sams Club, Costco
+ Overnight Parking like casinos, Elk Lodges and more.
+ Truck Stops with amenities. Chains have fuel price links.
+ Stores (Camping World, REI, Cabelas, Gander Mtn, Dicks, Bass Pro Shops)
+ RV dealers and services
+ RV Rental locations (Cruise America, Road Bear, El Monte)
+ Rest Areas, Welcome centers and turn outs by heading.
+ and more


Just about everything in the app can be added or removed on your map view. See only tent places with showers; RV parks with a club discount, 50 amp and LP; cost club stores with gas; truck stops with a Subway. You pick!


Parts of this app will always work and provide useful information. The data is stored on your phone while the app uses GPS, so constantly calling upon a website for information is not necessary. This is great for improving speed when you're in remote places.


$$ Find a overnight in a nearby parking lot.
$$ Find a forest site just a mile beyond the $40 park your book lists.
$$ Lighten your load, save fuel and don't buy as many books year after year.
$$ Find a rest area/truck stop with a RV dump.

** Cell service required for GPS & Internet for maps.


Starbucks Featured app

"Whether you're looking for RV grounds with full amenities or far-flung campsites for a rough getaway, Camp & RV has you covered." ➤MacNewsWorld

"The essential camping app for iOS - This is a must have app." ➤appadvice.com

"Camp & RV app is a must." ➤Womans Day

"For those with more discerning tastes in campsites & RV spots." ➤NY Times

"Best iPhone App for a Road Trip" ➤- Techlicious

"By far the best of the camping apps" ➤Motorhome Forums

"When looking for a place to camp, nothing beats AllStays." ➤padgadget.com

One of "The 50 Best Travel Apps for the iPhone" ➤Art of the iPhone

Has data seen in "Harvard Business Review" & rated Excellent by Wired Mag in 2012

"Summer", "Sun", "Road Trip" & "Great Outdoors" features on App Store


We are happy to provide logos, iTunes promo codes, do interviews or answer any questions you may have....PROMPTLY. Just email apps @ allstays com or call Adam at 505-401-1297.




Big things coming for iOS version later in 2017

New for Version 5.6.1 Oct 2017

- Thousands of data changes throughout
- Over 1500 adds, more camping, parking, fuel and big rig hazards

New for iOS version 5.6 Jun 2017

- Additional category for Wildlife Areas
- Thousands of data changes throughout
- Over 975 adds, more camping, parking, fuel and big rig hazards
- Fixed a bug that was hiding certain rest areas

New for iOS version 5.5 Apr 2017

- Thousands of data changes throughout
- Over 1300 adds, more camping, parking, fuel and big rig hazards
- Refined map pins and some code changes for https/security

New for iOS version 5.4 Nov 2016

Another data update. Still improving for over 6 years now!
- Thousands of data changes throughout. 15,400 places updated!
- More camps, more free and dispersed locations, more of everything
- Dozens of road grades added (still working on more states)

New for iOS version 5.3 June 2016

- Thousands more changes throughout
- Hundreds of covered bridges and tunnels added
- Hundreds of new store and parking locations and many removals of closed locations

New for iOS version 5.2 Mar 2016

- Only on iOS: See dispersed camping and rest area direction right on the map
- Hundreds more free and dispersed locations
- Thousands of data changes throughout taking data to a level never seen before

New for iOS version 5.1 Sep 2015

- Only on iOS: Check availability and book a site at over 4,000 campgrounds
- Hundreds more free and dispersed locations
- Thousands of data changes throughout taking data to a level never seen before
- More accurate site counts and max site lengths at thousands of parks
- A few minor bug fixes

New for iOS version 5.0 June 2015

- Thousands of data changes througout
- A few bug fixes

New for iOS version 4.9.4 Mar 2015

- Expansion of Forest, BLM, National and State Park information
- Thousands of data changes throughout

New for iOS version 4.9.3 Aug 2014

Information is the most important thing in the end so that is the focus here.
- Data update adding hundreds more free places, more ratings, more text directions
- Thousands of little adjustments to locations and detail information throughout

New for iOS version 4.9.1 mid-May 2014

- Over 1900 added locations including:
- 300 more U-Haul Propane fill locations
- 315 more BLM camp locations
- over 1300 more campgrounds and thousands of other data changes
- Added early beta filter for horse sites (adding)

New for iOS version 4.9 - Jan 2014

- Filters for price, user rating and elevation
- Thousands of location changes and adds throughout types
- Incremental design changes for iOS7

New for iOS version 4.8 - June 2013

- Hundreds more location and data changes throughout types
- Added number of truck parking spaces at thousands of rest areas for size indication
- Added over 900 low bridges to the Chicago area
- Full iPhone 5 screen
- Other changes like another 30 new Walmarts, etc


Multiple things happened (map fee increase, a app ban/removal and censor of core data) that led to departure from Android in late 2017. Full data is still on Apple and allstays.com as normal. The Android apps will keep running and anything that goes to the web (website links, images, reviews, etc) will still work and be updated. But major code updates, data adds and deletions will not happen. You can still reinstall on devices as below.

Versions may vary a little but general steps for reinstalling on Android any time for past customers:
On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store app Google Play.
Make sure you are logged with the account used before to buy
Tap Menu Menu and then My Apps & games and then Library.
Tap the app you want to install or turn on.
Tap Install or Enable.

Because of the unexpected change, I can do a $10 credit on Pro. If you want to try AllStays Pro, the web browser version that runs on computers and mobiles and has a lot more updated information than the app had, send a email from inside the app or the Play receipt, with ANDROID TO PRO at the top of text, to apps at allstays.com.


In App: There is a help function inside the app. On phones, go the upper left MORE button, and then look for the Help selection. On the iPad, tap the top center grey bar.


Frequently Asked Questions are RIGHT HERE on this link. We also post some of them on our AllStays Facebook page for discussion.


The most common question to us is about transferring apps between Apple and Android in either direction. That is NOT possible. Apple and Google sold all apps and they are two separate companies. They each need their revenue share to run their app stores.


AllStays LLC

We do have a phone but because we are actually on the road and often in more remote places (not just sitting in a plush office somewhere), email works best. We will get your message faster and reply sooner if you can use email.