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Phosphates: Are they in your soap?

Phosphates contribute to water pollution by encouraging algae, which result in the death of fish and other species in Earth's aquatic life.

These chemicals are found in detergents and fertilizers.  Phosphates are nutrients to all living organisms. Especially algae.  Phosphates in our products contaminate our waste water, under the topsoil, and ultimately in a natural or artificial body of water. This encourages the algae population, turning the water green, starving the oxygen and leading to the death of other aquatic plants and fish.

If you are going in the wild or staying at home for that matter, you should look at some environmentally friendly soaps. Your dishes, your hands, your health and the environment ultimately thank you. They have improved greatly in recent years and they are able to clean and degrease effectively. Here are some great ones for "green cleaning."

See our picks for environmentally friendly soaps here

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