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Washing In A Saltwater Solution

Are you camping in the right places....for your clothes? The ocean, or the brackish water at the mouth of a connecting stream, is the best place to wash yourself, your clothes, and your camping dishes. Soap that works well in salt water is on the market and sand, small rocks and gravel are all very effective for scouring dishes. If you must use fresh water, use a basin or other container.

Do your washing - and dispose of the dirty water - at least 100 m away from the source. You should use only phosphate-free soaps, and in small amounts. A little really goes a long ways.

Never use soap or shampoo in hot springs. Wash and rinse in the ocean or a bathroom before you enjoy a warm soak in the hot springs. And remember to avoid the hot springs if you have sores or open wounds as infection is possible.


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