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  • iOS Universal (One price for all devices: iPad/iPhone/iPod)

  • Do you have favorite hotel chains? Most of us have our preferences. This universal app makes it easy to find chain locations nearest you (or far away). With or without service.

    Why make this locator app when one can find them in other ways?

    - This is a independent app that is like no other.

    - Easily find favorite chains with map filters or a manual lookup by chain. Like our website, no one else lets you find Ritz-Carltons or Motel 6 together. The choice is yours.

    - Includes a independent category that has hotels and motels you won't find in other apps.

    - Filter by amenity or brand umbrella? Need a Marriott brand place for your points? Filter!

    - It provides REAL hotel phone numbers and REAL website links directly to each property. You are not throttled by a third party.

    - You get the number to the front desk of the hotel and not a customer service queue.

    - No ads or corporate deals to throw certain brands at you and hide others.

    - The above explains the fee. We are not making money on every booking like other apps do.

    - This app is universal for all iOS devices. Most locators are not.

    - Find the nearest ones to you right now on the map view. Tap the compass button to re-center around you at anytime. You don't need a zipcode.

    - Planning ahead for other places? Type a city in the search box and jump there on the map.

    - No service to display maps? Use the in-app manual lookup. This is a big reason. Other hotel apps always require internet service. When you want to find something, you want to find it fast no matter what.

    - Tap a location for more information such as distance from your current location, phone number, address, directions, important amenities and the official website.

    - Easily report errors, changes, closures or post important comments from each locations detail view.

    - This is for when you know the type of hotel that you want and you just want to find it fast.

    For all features and best results, a GPS enabled device is recommended but this is designed to run on all devices. The data is stored locally on your device. Using the manual lookup button, you can find places by state and city without internet service. You can list all places or just one preferred location.

    This data is USA only right now.

    AllStays LLC is a independent travel site that lists all types of lodging.

    Questions/requests? Email: apps @ for a real reply.

    ** Cell service is required for full GPS functionality. Internet required for maps. App includes offline manual city look up mode.**

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