Best Mobile Device For Travelers

For the device that runs the best in any circumstance and location, the GPS model [...] Continue

Camping Rate Breakdown

We broke down the average nightly rates at campground across U.S. and Canada and this is what the current chart looks like [...] Continue

Top Haunted Destinations this Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, lovers of horror and gore across the country will be gearing up for the biggest scarefest of the [...] Continue

Camping – a Top Vacation Choice for College Students

Camping is one of the best options for those looking to escape the pressures of everyday life, especially those who usually live in crowded environments such as cities or college dorms [...] Continue

Available Options for Environmentally Friendly Tourism

Eco tourism is all the rage with vacationers looking to lessen their carbon footprint. In fact, it has become so popular that the travel industry has caught on to the trend in style – there are now green hotels springing up across all 50 states, so whether you want to visit Hawaii or New York you can do so safe in the knowledge that you are helping the Earth while enjoying a great vacation. [...] Continue

The 5 Most Haunted Hotels In The United States

A little known fact is that most hotels are considered haunted. Think about it. In most hotels, someone died, and it opens up the possibility of the disembodied spirit to linger around the room, or worse, scare unsuspecting hotel employees. I was one of those employees. I was working the late shift at a hotel, [...] Continue

Google Maps for iOS Developers

Google released a new maps platform for iOS. Other than providing whiplash to users, what else is involved with the new maps and apps? [...] Continue

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