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Real Suites

Snoring spouse?

Child with an early bedtime?

You need a real hotel suite.

And not just a half wall divider with a sofabed.

But you don't want to spend thousands of dollars.

From one family to another, welcome to our suite guide.

Define a suite: an accommodation comprising of more than one room.

Most hotels have twisted the definition and just give you a larger room with extra furniture and charge you more. If you have a family, it isn't enough. I've dealt with this too many times. Our definition includes a separate room, not just a half wall, a fridge or a sofa. The official websites are misleading and it's hard to get a straight answer over the phone as well. You have to explain what it means to you very clearly. "Do you have a separate bedroom with a closing door inside your room?" They'll keep repeating they have suites because they have slightly larger studio style rooms. In fact, half of the hotels that submit here and want to be in this specific guide don't even have real suites. They have more fake suites and waste my time..

At this time, we have not included the high end suites that some hotels offer. You can usually get what you want if you pay enough but that is not the point of this guide. This is for finding reasonable suites.