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Overnight Parking Wal mart

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  • - Rated "Excellent" by Wired Magazine (July 2012)
    - Seen in Harvard Business Review

    The store founder was an RVer and the general policy remains that RVers can spend one night free in a store parking lot. You get some rest, maybe shop a bit and move on early in the morning.

    How will this app help you? RVer or not, this app shows all Wal mart locations in US and Canada. Use it to find holiday shopping now and for RVing later.

    Want to know where every Wal mart is located and which ones have been reported to allow and don't allow overnight parking?

    This app plots every Wal mart store in the USA and Canada on the map view. It uses location services to find your location and as you move. (On ipods however, please note that the location is not always accurate or available from your provider.)

    Local influence and abuse have led to about 1/7 stores to no longer allow overnights, so always ask a manager ahead of time. Please submit your reports to us so we can keep this app accurate. I get numerous reports about stores every single day. It's always changing...

    What's in it: Wal mart's of all kinds. Can you park there or have others been denied or even towed? Tips are provided from other RVers as to where to park in the lot.

    It integrates nicely with Google Maps to display up to 150 points of interest on a map.

    Don't take even one more trip without Wal mart Overnight Parking. It can always change by the time you get there but at least you can be aware of what others have experienced lately.

    Disclaimer: This is app is only designed to point you in the right direction, saving time and hassle of both the traveler and of any store employees. Information is based on others reports and can change any time at any store. This app and it's developers are not endorsed or affiliated with any Wal mart brand or location in this app. All respective trademarks or rights are reserved by their owners.

    Questions/requests? Email: apps @ allstays.com for a real reply.

    ** Cell service is required for full GPS functionality. Internet required for maps. App includes offline manual city look up mode.**

    **Also check out my "Camp & RV" app for an even better traveling experience**

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