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Massachusetts State Park Campgrounds

Harold Parker State Forest Andover, 1951 Turnpike Street, Rte 114
$$, mid Apr, 91 sites, Tents, 20 ft max RV length, 131 ft…

Willard Brook State Forest Ashby, Rte 119
$, May-Oct, 21 sites, Tents, 20 ft max RV length, 463 ft…

Otter River State Forest Baldwinville, New Winchendon Rd
$$, May-Oct, 89 sites, Tents, 962 ft elev, tables, grill,…

Nickerson State Park Brewster, Rte 6a
$$, Apr-Oct, 420 sites, Tents, 24 ft elev, tables, grill,…

Mohawk Trail State Forest Charlemont, Rte 2
May-Oct, 56 sites, Tents, 965 ft elev, tables, grill,…

Chester Blandford State Forest Chester, Rte 20
$, May-Labor, 13 sites, Tents, 1287 ft elev (C)

Clarksburg State Park Clarksburg, 1199 Middle Rd
May-Oct, 45 sites, Age Restricted (55+), Tents, 16 ft max…

Massasoit State Park East Taunton, Middleboro Ave
$$, Apr-Sep, 126 sites, Tents, 21 ft max RV length, 59 ft…

Erving State Forest Erving, Rte 2
May-Oct, 29 sites, Tents, 16 ft max RV length, 484 ft elev,…

Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Falmouth, Rte 28
$, May-Oct, 11 sites, Tents, 0 ft elev, toilets, boat…

DAR State Forest Goshen, 78 Cape Street, Rte 112, Take Exit 26 in…
$$, All Year, 52 sites, Tents, 164 ft elev, tables, grill,…

Granville State Forest Granville, 323 West Hartland Rd
$$, May-Oct, 22 sites, Tents, 31 ft max RV length, 1217 ft…

Boston Harbor Islands State Park Hingham, 349 Lincoln St, Bldg 45
$, Memorial-Oct or ferry access, 20 sites, Tents, 36 ft…

Wompatuck State Park Hingham, Union St
$$, Apr 14-late Oct, 260 sites, Tents, 30 ft max RV length,…

Mt Greylock State Reservation Lanesboro, Rockwell Rd
Mem-Oct, 6 sites, Tents, 1550 ft elev, tables, grill,…

October Mountain State Forest Lee, Woodland Rd
$$, May-Oct, 46 sites, Tents, 30 ft max RV length, 1710 ft…

Beartown State Forest Monterey, 69 Blue Hill Rd
mid May-Columbus Day, 12 sites, Tents, 1796 ft elev,…

Savoy Mountain State Forest North Adams, Central Shaft Rd
$$, Memorial-Oct, 45 sites, Tents, 16 ft max RV length, 2172…

Tolland State Forest Otis, 410 Tolland Road
$$, May-Oct, 92 sites, Tents, 24 ft max RV length, 1470 ft…

Pittsfield State Forest Pittsfield, Cascade St
May-Oct, 33 sites, Tents, 16 ft max RV length, 1160 ft…

Salisbury Beach State Reservation Salisbury, Beach Rd. Rte 1a
$$, Apr-Oct, 484 sites, Tents, 31 ft max RV length, 9 ft…

Scusset Beach State Reservation Sandwich, Scusset Beach Rd
$$, All Year, 98 sites, Tents, 10 ft elev, electric, 98…

Shawme-Crowell State Forest Sandwich, Rte 130
$$$, mid Apr-mid Oct, 285 sites, Tents, 30 ft max RV length,…

Myles Standish State Forest South Carver, Cranberry Rd
$$, Apr-Oct, 475 sites, Self-Contained Units Only Nov 1 thru…

Wells State Park Sturbridge, Rte 49
$$, May-Oct, 60 sites, Tents, 669 ft elev, tables, grill,…

Pearl Hill State Park West Townsend, New Fitchburg Rd
$$, Memorial-Oct, 51 sites, Tents, 20 ft max RV length, 421…

Horseneck Beach State Reservation Westport, 5 John Reed Road, Route 88, From the East, Take…
$$, early May-Oct 8, 100 sites, Tents, 10 ft elev, 100 pull…

Lake Dennison State Rec Area Winchendon, Rte 202
$$, Mem-Labor, 150 sites, Tents, 849 ft elev, tables, grill,…

Windsor State Forest Windsor, River Rd
Mem-Oct, 24 sites, Tents, 1596 ft elev, tables, grill,…


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