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Holliday Lake State Park Appomattox, Route 2
$$, Mar 1-Dec 1, 30 sites, Tents, 30 ft max RV length, 493…

Shenandoah River State Park Bentonville, 8mi south of Front Royal and 15 miles north of…
$$, Mar 1-Dec 1, 32 sites, Tents, 60 ft max RV length, 684…

Breaks Interstate Park Breaks, From Princeton, WV: Take US-460 W / US-19 S /…
$$$, Apr-Oct, 122 sites, Tents sites: 122, 35 ft max RV…

Kiptopeke State Park Cape Charles, 3540 Kiptopeke Drive
$$$, Mar 1-Dec 1, 141 sites, Tents sites: 47, 33 ft elev, 40…

Pocahontas State Park Chesterfield, 10301 State Park Rd
$$$, May-Sep, 114 sites, Tents, 40 ft max RV length, 251 ft…

Occoneechee State Park Clarksville, 1192 Occoneechee Park Rd
$$, Mar 1-Dec 1, 88 sites, Tents, 30 ft max RV length, 338…

Bear Creek Lake State Park Cumberland, 929 Oak Hill Rd
$$, May-Sep, 53 sites, Tents Only sites: 13, 35 ft max RV…

Sky Meadows State Park Delaplane, 11012 Edmonds Lane
$, Mar 1-Dec 1, 13 sites, Tents, 860 ft elev, tables, grill,…

Claytor Lake State Park Dublin, 4400 State Park Rd
$$$, Mar 1-Dec 1, 110 sites, Tents, 35 ft max RV length,…

Natural Tunnel State Park Duffield, Route 3
$$, Mar 1-Dec 1, 22 sites, Tents, 38 ft max RV length, 1742…

New River Trail State Park Foster Falls, 176 Orphanage Dr
$$, Mar 1-Dec 1, 34 sites, Tents, 1942 ft elev, tables,…

James River State Park Gladstone, Route 1
$, Mar 1-Dec 1, 36 sites, Tents, 497 ft elev, tables, grill,…

Twin Lakes State Park Green Bay, 788 Twin Lakes Rd
$$$, Mar 1-Dec 1, 34 sites, Tents Only sites: 4, 30 ft max…

Smith Mountain Lake State Park Huddleston, 1235 State Park Rd
$$, Mar 1-Dec 1, 50 sites, Tents sites: 26, 30 ft max RV…

Belle Isle State Park Lancaster, 1632 Belle Isle Rd
$$, Mar 1-Dec 1, Tents, 16 ft elev, electric only sites,…

Hungry Mother State Park Marion, 2854 Park Blvd
$$$, Mar 1-Dec 1, 94 sites, Tents sites: 11, 44 ft max RV…

Douthat State Park Millboro, Route 1
$$$, May-Sep, 74 sites, Tents sites: 19, 1597 ft elev,…

Westmoreland State Park Montross, 1650 State Park Rd
$$$, May-Sep, 116 sites, Tents, 40 ft max RV length, 127 ft…

Grayson Highlands State Park Mouth Of Wilson, 829 Grayson Highland Lane
$$$, All Year, 96 sites, Tents, 40 ft max RV length, 4325 ft…

Staunton River State Park Scottsburg, 1170 Staunton Trail
$$$, May-Sep, 48 sites, Tents Only sites: 14, 30 ft max RV…

Lake Anna State Park Spotsylvania, 6800 Lawyers Road
$$$, Mar 1-Dec 1, Tents, 373 ft elev, electric only sites,…

Fairy Stone State Park Stuart, 967 Fairystone Lake Drive
$$$, Mar 1-Dec 1, 56 sites, Tents Only sites: 6, 30 ft max…

Chippokes Plantation State Park Surry, 695 Chippokes Park Rd
$$$, Mar 1-Dec 1, 32 sites, Tents, 40 ft max RV length, 47…

False Cape State Park Virginia Beach, 4001 Sandpiper Rd
$, Mar 1-Dec 1, 12 sites, Tents Only Camp, no RVs, tables,…

First Landing State Park Virginia Beach, 2500 Shore Drive
$$$, Mem Day-Lab Day, 218 sites, Tents sites: 218, 35 ft max…


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