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Finding All Propane Locations

There are two levels or methods to finding propane. The most obvious is the main filter as seen here.

But this filter is only for stand alone propane places. That is businesses that have no other reason to be in the app other than propane. Let's select it and see what happens when we go back to the map.

Not very many places. Go back into "Filter" and "Turn off" the filters at the very top. Then select the first line in the list, which should be "Advanced Filters (Cumulative)" and "No amenities selected". This will put at the screen below where we can scroll down about one screen and find "Propane". Turn it on.

Tap the "Filter Map" in the upper left and go back to the map view. Much better as it shows any place of any kind that has propane in their amenity list.

We can do something similar in the Manual Lookup. Back on the main map screen, select the manual lookup (a book icon on the iPhone devices). Then select a state. Here is California:

This first list is everything but we want a list of only propane. So select the Advanced Filter line at the top again.

Then we scroll down a little bit and find "Propane" and turn it on.

Then tap the state back button at the very top. You should see many fewer places overall. These are only the ones that have propane in their amenity list.

Scroll down for more to see the impact of the numbers. But you have everything from camps, to stand alone to truck stops. From here you can tap the name for the list of towns....Or tap the blue arrow for a map view of all those places. If you select the arrow for Truck-Indie Stop, you will see a whole state map of California with all the indie truck stops with propane.

AllStays Pro

AllStays Pro keeps getting better. We have always received a lot of requests for full screen maps for computers, GPS downloads, Google Earth offline and many other things that couldn't be done either by app or a advertising support website. So this new service helps with that. Along with full screen maps, we add more filters by price, stars/reviews, elevation, weather layer, traffic layer, biking route layer, transit map layer and more. AllStays Pro is here.

Thank you for using AllStays

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