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401 River Road, East Peoria IL 61611


Store #1028, Garden Center, Grocery, Open 24 hrs, Pharmacy, 1-Hour Photo Center, Subway, Tire and Lube, Vision Center

Sep 2020: Pulled into lot and called store, manager said no overnight parking allowed. There were no trucks or RVs in lot. They are definitely doing rvers a favor by not allowing parking. Had dinner across the street, at 9pm a continuous loop of messages was still playing loudly via the PA system in the walmart lot re covid distancing blah blah etc, would have been impossible to stay even if allowed. June 2018: RV. We stayed overnight. Parked in the far lot with other RVs and a few semi trucks. Very easy off highway, easy in and out parking. This location has a deli. ...  More reports/details

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Why list store Locations?

They do not support us and we do not endorse or support this store in any way. We always encourage people to support campgrounds and rv parks. Many people traveling on the road these days use stores for parking and supplies. Many locations do NOT allow over night stays in parking lots due to store managers or local laws. Please call ahead to be sure if you want to do this.

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