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1725 E Santa Fe St, Gardner KS 66030


Store #5307, Garden Center, Grocery, Open 24 hrs, Pharmacy, 1-Hour Photo Center, Subway, Tire and Lube, Vision Center

Sep 2021: Dales Towing which services the parking lot placed a boot on my Dodge Ram truck that I had a trailer attached. There are no signs that state this parking lot will immobilize or boot your vehicle. Other states require by law to state that on the signs. I have talked with police officers, tow truck manager and the wal mart manager that all state just because it is personal property they can do as they please. I am not done researching. They have done this for 2 years now, charging $350! I am just writing now to let you all know how snakey Dales Towing is. The tow truck man slapped on the boot and drove off a short distance and watched all the truck drivers wake up. It was gross. Mar 2020: Semi. Got kicked out after 8 hours. Signs everywhere says no parking. I didnt read them because there were a bunch of trucks there. Asked the city they said it was a walmart decision. Called the store they lied at first said it was ordinance but then admitted they kicked the trucks out because they were causing problems. Still dont know why it took 8 hours for the tow guy to knock on my door. Dec 2019: I have parked here overnight plenty of times but occasionally police will come and wake you up to make sure you are alright which was kinda annoying. Sep 2018: Called about overnight parking with a travel trailer and was told that was just fine. Mar 2018: Called for tonight and was told it was against city code. Do it at your own risk. Oct 2016: Got in late. Did not see signs. 8-10 rigs already parked. Gardner City police pounded on door at 11:30. City ordinance for no overnight parking in any Gardner parking lots. Do not even stop in Gardner. Aug 2014: Do NOT park here. There are signs everywhere stating no truck parking, violators will be towed. This Walmart doesnt even want you to stop to shop! Do not ignore the signs. This store obviously has the local police dept on retainer for security services. The store management will call the police to enforce the local traffic

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