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141 Springfield Road, Westfield MA 01085


Store #2174, Garden Center, Grocery, Pharmacy, 1-Hour Photo Center, Subway, Vision Center

Jul 2019: RV. This is a smaller Walmart. We parked at the outer edge of the lot closest to the car dealership. Lots of traffic going in and out and had a couple cars with loud music hang around about 1am. They didnt stay long. Nice friendly staff at the Walmart when we went shopping the next morning. We just parked without asking. only signs I saw said camera surveillance. Feb 2018: There is a sign banning rv or truck parking overnight. Aug 2017: we parked for the night . Did not ask as there was already other RV and trucks. A little noisy with people partying aroun...  More reports/details

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They do not support us and we do not endorse or support this store in any way. We always encourage people to support campgrounds and rv parks. Many people traveling on the road these days use stores for parking and supplies. Many locations do NOT allow over night stays in parking lots due to store managers or local laws. Please call ahead to be sure if you want to do this.

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