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5701 Herrera Drive, Santa Fe NM 87507


Store #3423, Garden Center, Grocery, Pharmacy, 1-Hour Photo Center, Vision Center

Jun 2017: Called last night, told no. May 2017: Called ahead manager approval. Several RVs of various sizes here. Park on the right side by garden area. Apr 2017: We called ahead in spite of the no parking report and were told we could park for up to 48 hours. There were several RVs and semi trailers parked. We were asked to park on the left side facing the building. Lot was busy as it was Saturday before Easter. It quieted down after 11:00. Mar 2017: In car. This is a good place to park if you need a place to spend the night. I stayed a week with no problems. I felt safe there due to the lighting and other car campers. Feb 2017: The store has a new manager. She does not allow overnight parking. (note: a semi recently drove the wrong way, damaging some landscaping and had to be towed out. Might have been last straw.) Dec 2016: Allows parking. A bit cramped for a big rig, lot layout with medians and all, and a bunch of random cars making it tough for me with a total 60ft. Nov 2016: parked on far left side as facing store front. very well lite and several others RVs there also. was flat, no problems, felt safe. May 2016: I parked on the lefthand side of the building. No issues, and its pretty flat, I didnt experience the slope that everyone is talking about. It gets super quiet after 9pm...I fulltime in my minivan, and stayed two nights no problem. May 2016: ok place to stay. Felt safe. A bit noisy but that was the only downer. All spaces on a slope. Mar 2016: Pretty quiet lot with plenty of other people doing the same thing, from semis to cars. Would definitely stay here again, plus there is a Starbucks across the street for in the morning. The wifi did not work out to our spot in the parking lot, though. You will see other vehicles and trucks parked off to the side. I just joined the group. Jan 2016: I have parked overnight at this Wal-Mart in all seasons of the year. It gets VERY busy during summer tourist season from May-September. RVs and big rigs should pa

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