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Casa Grande RV Resort   195 W Rodeo Rd, From Jct of I-10 and Pinal Rd…
$$$$, Oct 1-Apr 30, 352 sites, RVs only, All ages, No tent,…More

Casita Verde RV Park   2200 N Trekell Rd, From I-10 & I-8, go 4 mi W on…
$$$$, All Year, 192 sites, RVs only, Age Restricted (55+),…More

Cottonwood Cove   426 W Cottonwood Ln, From I-8 & I-10, go 14 mi NW…
$$$$, All Year, 40 sites, Self-Contained Units-RVs Only, All…More

Fiesta Grande RV Resort   1511 E Florence Blvd, From I-8 & I-10, go 5 mi NW…
$$$$, All Year, 767 sites, RVs only, Age Restricted (55+),…More

Foothills West 55+ RV Park   19501 W Hopi Dr, From Jct of I-10 & Pinal Ave…
$$$$, All Year, 186 sites, RVs only, Age Restricted (55+),…More

High Chaparral Mobile Home and RV Park   7575 W Battaglia Dr, From I-8 & I-10 (exit 200)…
$$$, All Year, 168 sites, RVs only, Age Restricted (55+), No…More

Leisure Valley RV Park   9985 N Pinal Ave
$$$$, All Year, 125 sites, RVs only, Age Restricted (55+),…More

Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort   1110 N Henness Rd, From I-8 & I-10, go 5 mi NW on…
$$$$$, All Year, 1888 sites, RVs only, Age Restricted (55+),…More

Pinal County Fairgrounds   512 S 11 Mile Corner Rd
$$, All Year, 30 sites, RVs only, All ages, No tent, 1384 ft…More

Rancho Del Sol MHP   2175 N Trekell Rd
$$$$, All Year, 16 sites, RVs only, All ages, No tent, 50 ft…More

RoVers Roost SKP Co op Park   3241 S Montgomery Rd, From I-8, exit 167,…
$$, All Year, 120 full hookups, Self-Contained Units-RVs…More

Sierra Vista RV Park   27529 W Highway 84
RVs only, All ages, No tent, 1335 ft elev (C)More

Sundance 1 RV Resort   1703 North Thornton Road, From I-8 & I-10, go 14…
$$$$, Oct-March, 711 sites, RVs only, Age Restricted (55+),…More

Sunscape Resort   1083 E Sunscape Way
Age Restricted (40+), 1476 ft elev, Clubs-ESC-PA-AM,…More

Val Vista RV Park   16680 W Val Vista Blvd, From I-8 & I-10, go 14 mi…
$$$$, All Year, 345 sites, RVs only, Age Restricted (55+),…More

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Eloy, AZ - 11.94mi / 19.22km
Arizona City, AZ - 12.49mi / 20.09km
Coolidge, AZ - 13.69mi / 22.02km
Maricopa, AZ - 18.53mi / 29.82km
Picacho, AZ - 20.73mi / 33.36km

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