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Walmart Store Details

1650 West Maloney Ave, Gallup NM 87301

#906, Garden Center, Grocery, McDonalds, Open 24 hrs, Pharmacy, 1-Hour Photo Center, Tire and Lube, Vision Center

Oct 2014: Very nice overnight spot. Was 15 other rigs there. Felt safe and other than highway and distant train was quiet. Sep 2014: Asked guard patrolling lot and given permission. Only RV tonight, but many trucks. Sep 2014: This is a super app. A nice place to stay normally however it is very noisy. None of this is Walmarts fault. We did also go shopping there that night and spent some money in the store. I love trains but with the windows open the trains blowing the whistles at the crossing all night long woke us up every single time. A weird thing happened in the middle of night, we started smelling chicken frying in a nearby restaurant and we kept thinking maybe our oven was on! We could not sleep with the smell of frying chicken so strong. We did have one panhandler looking around for a while asking us $5. Then he went back inside the Walmart. Mar 2014: parked here with many other RVs and trucks. Parking lot had lots of garbage laying around. Probably not from overnighters, but we picked up around us. Good place to stay! Sep 2013: Lots of trucks and RVs. Stayed overnight just fine. Had several panhandler approach us. Aug 2012: Very nice security their all night. Stayed one night with 2 other rigs. Aug 2012: After shopping, we asked at the customer service desk. We were suggested to park near the trucks on the West side of the building. May 2012: Stayed here last night. Great place to park. Called and they said yes. They wanted us to park near the highway. Tons of trucks and motorhomes. Very loud. Security was driving around all night. Mar 2011: Good store. Good location and access. Trains come by often during the night, but didnt keep us awake.Sep 2010: Overnight parking is fine. Noisy with trains and trucks.

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They do not support us and we do not endorse or support this store in any way. We always encourage people to support campgrounds and rv parks. Many people traveling on the road these days use stores for parking and supplies. Many locations do NOT allow over night stays in parking lots due to store managers or local laws. Please call ahead to be sure if you want to do this.