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Hotel Address:

500 Fourth Avenue, Louisville KY 40202-2518, 502-585-3200

- Built: 1905 - Renovation: 2000

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Seelbach Hilton Louisville Ghost Story

The enchanting aura of The Seelbach has made it a romantic choice for wedding events over the course of almost 100 years.

Back in 1907, a young bride eagerly awaited her new husband in The Seelbach's ballroom for their wedding reception. On his way to the wedding, he was tragically killed in an accident. Heartbroken, the young bride ran off and threw herself down an elevator shaft. The wedding party found her body, clad in a blue dress, 10 stories below.

Since the incident, some guests have reported seeing her in the middle of the night � and recall the aroma of a mysterious perfume. Could it be her sorrowful soul, or perhaps another ghost?

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