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Yoga Travel Tip: Make flight plans true to yourself

Fly on your schedule. Is getting up early a good thing to you? Get the 6am flight and get the trip started early. If it is a tramatic experience to get up before dawn, get a later flight. Look at the layovers and judge your stress level. Would you rather worry and rush to your connecting flight? Or would you prefer relax, do some great people watching and enjoy the airport facilities for a couple hours? Choose the right meal with your reservation. Whether you want a vegetarian dish or fruit plate, confirm this with your travel agent or service. Pick the best seat if you can. Front seats in a plane, ahead of the engines, are more quiet and you get off the plane faster as well. Or sit in the very back and relax without the exit push until the plane has emptied out.

Yoga Travel Tip: Pack light

Pack what you need and leave the rest at home. There is a great freedom in Just using a carry-on. You don't need to worry about it getting lost or shipped to another part of the world. You have everything you need within your personal space at all times. Make sure you keep it small and not too big for the airplane compartments or so big that you will struggle with it. You will not feel good blocking other travelers getting on and off the plane.

Do you have some clothes that you don't like that much. Holes in socks or undergarments? Travel with it and leave it behind somewhere on your journey. This lightens your bag or frees up space for new purchases. I've traveled three weeks in Europe at a time on one small carry-on bag and the freedom is wonderful. Less strain, less worry and less time spent at lockers.

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