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4X4 RVs: Wandering Off Road


A few years ago, before buying my current RV, I was looking and researching 4×4 models. I wanted something that could get me to more of the primitive campgrounds that I love. The options were limited then and are limited now. I wound up with a non-4×4 Sprinter based RV so at least I could get to most forest campgrounds and use normal parking lot spaces.

The most obvious method is putting a camper onto your 4×4 truck. It's probably the simplest and cheapest option if you already have a truck. This market has room to grow though. They are not real attractive and options are limited for each type of truck out there. I would love to see more custom options, better styling and paint matching for truck and camper.

There are some companies that have built “4×4 motorhomes” over the years but many of them just don't look like something I would drive off pavement or even over a big curb. Clearance isn't good with so much of the RV hanging long and low over the end. The best ones I found are outside of the United States and not available for me. There are also some good custom jobs out there but they are one of a kinds. Toyota Motorhomes is an example of what companies and people have done in the past. Some custom jobs are very nice looking.

I just visited the EarthRoamer factory in Colorado to look at their amazing off road recreational vehicles. As I neared Lafayette, just outside of Denver, Colorado, I was excited to possibly get a look at their amazing off road machines. They have made my dream machine RV for a few years now and recently expanded their line to include a new smaller Jeep model. I met Bill Swails, the Chief Designer and COO at EarthRoamer, who let me look over the two models they had in-house. They are even more impressive in person.

The original model is based on Super Duty trucks. It is not a camper on a pickup. Or a RV built upon another manufacturers chassis. They transform a quad cab Super Duty truck from the ground up into a Earthroamer. It becomes one machine rather than just assemble parts. And it is awesome. I would be living in one if it was just me. It holds more fuel, water and waste then my own RV. The price tag runs well over $200,000 depending on options.

The second model is based on the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon and starts at around $110,000. This is more for the single travel, possible a couple, since it is a two seater. This is not luxurious RV travel but it will get you just about anywhere on Earth that four wheels can go. The roof opens up into a tent. You also have the minimal basics with a toilet, shower, fridge, water and a furnace.

I can't put enough photos on here to do it justice so I recommend going to their website at www.earthroamer.com to check these out ( and a 5 minute video here ) They are pricey and you could even say they are quite expensive. But then again, you could spend more for a big rig that can't even drive or park in many places. This is the only truly nice RV that is 4×4 I've found. I have seen a few deals on used ones if you need to have one. No, I don't have one and it was hard but I left the building without one as well.

RV companies are struggling these days. If you are considering one, do your research as to if the company is still alive and well. Some have closed, sold or changed hands and you want to be careful before handing over a large deposit.


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Adam | Oct 17, 2009 | Category: Tech

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