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Return Home to Bobcat Babies

What do you find when you return home from the road and have a Easter egg hunt? Six bobcats![...]

Adam | Apr 5, 2015 | Category: General , Camping , Pet-Friendly , RV Tips

Should I Tip A Mandatory Valet?

Should you have to tip when valet is mandatory? Here are some things to think about and then decide for yourself.

Adam | October 14th, 2009 | Category: Travel Tips

Avoiding a Sunburn on Hikes

Hiking in the sun can cause bad burns just like you were laying still out on a beach. A little preparedness can make for a more enjoyable after hike experience.

Adam | September 24th, 2009 | Category: Travel Tips

Simple Tasty Hiking Food Ideas

You can eat well while hiking. Here are some tips for food that is both easy and good tasting while out and about.

Adam | September 23rd, 2009 | Category: Travel Tips

Do I Need A Passport For Hawaii?

Hawaii is part of the United States and you don't need a passport to go there from another state.

Adam | September 21st, 2009 | Category: Travel Tips

Transportation options in South Africa

There are many options for transportation in South Africa. Here are some tips but it all depends on what kind of traveler you are.

Adam | September 14th, 2009 | Category: Travel Tips

No Nos For Travels in Africa

Traveling in Africa is a unique, adventurous and wonderful experience. Here are a few handy hints of what NOT to do so that you can have a more enjoyable vacation

Cherelle | July 22nd, 2009 | Category: Travel Tips

Italy Tips and Quirks to Know

Shop closures, strikes and odd restaurant hours are just some of the things to know ahead of time when visiting Italy.

Jessica | May 26th, 2009 | Category: Travel Tips

Avoid Looking Like A Tourist In Africa

Do you like looking like a tourist or do you want to blend in a bit and see how life really is in your destination? How to avoid looking like a tourist.

Cherelle | May 21st, 2009 | Category: Travel Tips

Avoiding Harassing Souvenir Sellers

We have all experienced it. You step out of the airport or onto the beach and you affronted with a mass of souvenir sellers toting their wares.

Cherelle | May 14th, 2009 | Category: Travel Tips

Hotel or Cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee?

When you are checking out a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, you'll find that along with the many hotels and timeshares, there are also hundreds of cabins available for rent. So which should it be cabin or hotel?

Amish Country Etiquette

A visit to Amish country is something you won't forget for many reasons. The people, the charm, the curiosity, the food that some of them may sell. But they are not zoo animals or a theme park attraction. Here are some tips on how enjoy Amish country without causing offense.

Cindy | April 26th, 2009 | Category: Travel Tips

How Much to Tip A Waiter or Waitress

We deal with almost every time we eat out. How much do you tip the waiter? Here are some guidelines and my tips to consider.

Adam | April 19th, 2009 | Category: Travel Tips

Enhanced Driver Licenses Make Border Crossing Easy

What are the border rules? Do you need a passport, a birth certificate, a driver's license to cross the border these days? A few states are making it easier to just use your driver's license.

Adam | April 11th, 2009 | Category: Air Travel , Cruise , General , RV Tips , Travel Tips

Weekend Trips in a Down Economy

Mini vacations, like for a weekend, can do wonders for you and your family's attitude and it won't cost as much. Even if you can't go on the normal full week trip, try to get away for a couple days to recharge. It doesn't have to cost too much with these tips.

Adam | March 20th, 2009 | Category: Money Savings , Travel Tips

Mexico Road Signs

If you are driving in Mexico, it's important to know what the road signs really mean. A close guess is not enough at a traffic stop.

Adam | March 10th, 2009 | Category: Camping , General , RV Tips , Travel Tips

Driving In Mexico

You can drive in Mexico but there are some cautions and things to know ahead of time.

Adam | March 9th, 2009 | Category: Camping , General , RV Tips , Travel Tips

Travel Medicine Tips: Honey

Keep honey along with you on your travels. It can do more than sweeten your tea.

Adam | March 8th, 2009 | Category: Camping , RV Tips , Travel Tips

Most Dangerous Roads

When you hit the highway, you know it's somewhat dangerous but these stretches of highways and interstates need some extra caution. These are the worst of them.

Adam | March 2nd, 2009 | Category: General , Travel Tips

Travel Like a Rock Star! How to Vacation Like A Celebrity

After years of carefully studying celebrities, with a specific emphasis on musicians, I've come up with a surefire guide on how to travel like a rock star. Oh yes, it's everything that you can imagine and more. In my years of working in hotels, I can precisely define the rock star experience. Forget about partying [...]

Jessica | February 26th, 2009 | Category: Travel Tips

Hotel Rates and Fee Comparison

Another one of our simple tests to compare hotel rates and fees at all the major travel websites, including going to the hotel direct.

Adam | February 18th, 2009 | Category: General , Travel Tips

Hidden Hotel Charges and Fees

Over the last decade, hotels have been adding more and more ways to make money on guests while taking away some things that used to be free. The more expensive a hotel is for the nightly rate, the more likely they will charge extra for the little things. Most hotels under $110 have free parking, [...]

Adam | February 13th, 2009 | Category: Money Savings , Travel Tips

Tips For Packing

I love going on trips! Packing┬Žnot so much. I always go through thinking how much to pack and what to bring. Basically, it is a real hassle.

In my household, Im the organized one and my significant other waits until the last minute to pack and really doesnt put much thought into the process. So, [...]

Jessica | February 11th, 2009 | Category: Travel Tipst

Mementos that Matter: The Guide for Bringing Home Great Souvenirs

Don't bring home clutter. Choose souvenirs that you'll enjoy for years to come.

Jessica | February 6th, 2009 | Category: Travel Tips

Foreign Travel for the Linguistically Challenged

I love to travel to foreign countries. Seeing the different cultures and beautiful country sides is exciting. I have a problem, however. I am not a language person. I took several years of foreign language classes in high school, and can only remember a few words and phrases, with a couple curses thrown in for [...]

Jessica | February 5th, 2009 | Category: Travel Tips

The Feeding Frenzy

If you're planning a trip, plan the food too. You don't want to get stuck in an Italian mall eating pizza with anchovies and artichokes.

Jessica | February 4th, 2009 | Category: Travel Tips

Free Things To Do In Las Vegas

There are completely free things to do in Las Vegas.

Adam | February 1st, 2009 | Category: Money Savings , Travel Tips

Conference Travel Tips

Here are some of the best tips that I've spent thousands of company dollars to learn. These tips will save you money, time and hassle while attending your conference or traveling on business.

Adam | January 24th, 2009 | Category: Travel Tips

The Most Common Travel Emergencies: A Survival Guide

A survival guide on how to handle some common travel emergencies.

Jessica | January 23rd, 2009 | Category: Travel Tips

How to Avoid Two Major Travel Disasters

What to do when the airlines looses your luggage or hotel drops you reservation

Jessica | January 21st, 2009 | Category: Travel Tips

The 5 Things You Can't Leave Home Without

Here are the 5 most important things to carry with you on all of your trips.

Jessica | January 15th, 2009 | Category: Travel Tips

How Much to Tip: The Ultimate Guide for Travelers

Understanding the ins and outs of tipping can be a tricky game. Here are the unspoken rules.

Jessica | January 13th, 2009 | Category: Travel Tips

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