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5 Fabulous Floating Hotels

I love vacationing on a yacht, but all the swaying can get old. What's the next best thing? A floating hotel. You get the feeling of being in the middle of the ocean, without the sea-sickness. Score! Most floating hotels are magically suspended over the ocean. It's a true optical illusion that really makes you feel at one with nature. Here are some of my favorites floating hotels, ranging in price from reasonable to my entire year salary.

1. Punta Caracol

In Panama, there's a place where you can live amongst nature, watch dolphins come up to your veranda, and take a walk through a nearby rain forest. This place is Punta Caracol. It's one of those luxurious resorts you can stay at without feeling bad about yourself. Case in point, the roofs of the villas are made with palm leafs. The walls are made of a mixture of bamboo and clay. In addition to this, the villas are powered by solar energy. You don't have to worry about leaving too much of a carbon footprint when staying here. Rates start at $316.

2. Oberoi Udaivilas

If you're read my blogs before, you know that I'm a big fan of the Oberoi chain. This brand is exquisite luxury that's so affordable. I love the Oberoi Udaivilas because of its illusions. It isn't a floating hotel in the technical sense, but the architecture and design of this hotel make it look as if it is floating over water. Absolutely captivating. Staying here makes you feel like a Indian royal. Gorgeously appointed furnishings, semi-private splash pools, and the awe-inspiring scenery of northern India make this a definite hotel for the list. Rates start at $520.

3. Bora Bora Lagoon Resort & Spa

Four syllables inspire me to believe in a better world, and they are “Bora Bora.” Since I was a little girl, I've always wanted to go to this island of paradise. The Bora Bora Lagoon Resort is located on its own island, Motu Toopua, about 1 mile away from Bora Bora proper. It features 44 floating bungaloos, with a magnificent view of Mt. Otemanu. This resort is a certified romantic getaway. If you can't feel romantic on Bora Bora, you are asexual. Rates start at $680.

4. Soneva Gili

I debate on which is better– Bora Bora or the Maldives. They\'re both slices of heaven on earth. Which do you think is better? At Soneva Gili, 45 villas are suspended on stilts. This resort also features 7 villas, called Crusoe Residences, that are only accessible by rowing boat. Talk about privacy! Of course, you may want to brush up on your swimming skills before booking a night here. Rates start at $1366.

5. King Pacific Lodge

Rounding off the list is Canada's finest floating hotel, the King Pacific Lodge. This place is amazingly secluded. Only opened from May to October each year, with just 17 suites available, you can rest assured that reservations for this place are tight. This floating lodge is situated on Princess Royal Island, in British Columbia, and is 150 miles away from the nearest road. You can only reach this destination by boat-plane. Once there, enjoy fly-fishing, kayaking, hiking, and lots of quiet time.This place is astronomically high, but for that type of privacy, it may be worth it. Rates start at $4,724 for 3 nights in the Wilderness View Room to $27,850 for 7 nights in the Princess Royal Suite.

Which one of these is your favorite?

Jessica | Feb 9, 2009 | Category: Best Of, Luxury

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