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Alamosa KOA Campground Review

I stayed a night at the Alamosa KOA Campground in the summer of 2009. It was raining with some cool temps and the Great Sand Dunes National Park campground was filling up so we drove the easy drive back towards Alamosa. This KOA is to the east of town and towards the Great Sand Dunes National Park. There were two trailers ahead of me in the entrance line so I knew it would be a while to check in. The time to check in is usually my biggest problem with KOA but it goes along with the good and thorough service that most of them provide. But sometimes you just want a spot quickly.

On this day, a person was being trained at the front desk. That is something that has to happen with any business but in this case and with the line backing up, I was wishing the manager would have taken over to get things done. A company worker doing landscape work came in and needed some assistance with something so the manager left with him. This left the trainee to flounder by herself and really not accomplish anything. Another ten minutes go by and the manager comes back to help solve the check in problem. I'm still third in line but they start to catch up. The staff was certainly friendly and helpful just not too concerned with the efficiency of time. They also have a Christmas Store in the office. It seems a bit odd in the middle of summer, maybe even creepy with some rather religious items, but we've all seen those year around Christmas stores before. And I would guess this gets some other kinds of business when people aren't there to camp in peak season.

So after the long twenty (20) minute check in time, I get a spot off in the corner and away from others. The sun came out and the day was totally different than the hours that preceded check in. So I had an isolated spot since I didn't need any hookups. That was nice and the construction crew was about done for the day. If I had been there earlier or stayed later the next day, the construction and constant beeping would have been a bit annoying at full price.

I think I would still recommend this KOA for people who go to KOA campgrounds or need site services. All of the little problems I had were not going to happen to everyone else and no place is perfect. They were smaller systemic issues that hopefully will get corrected for the price that is charged.

The facilities were in decent shape. The mens bathroom had some wear and tear late in the evening. I've seen much worse and wouldn't call it a big negative but I've also seen much better. My family used the playground. We watched some dogs and their owners use the pet area. It seemed like it either every dog was there at once, barking and jumping at each other or there were none at all. They all had the same schedule. There were some neighborhood boys who came and used the playground as well, riding their bikes all over, getting into a shouting match and fighting before leaving around dinner time.

The last issue I had at this stop was that I bought firewood at the campground. The bag was on the porch and looked like it had been out of the rain. It turned out to be rather green and wet. In the evening, I saw some young people grabbing the wood out back after it was recently cut (and in the two day rain period we just had) and putting it in dry bags to carry to that covered porch. No one can control the weather but it's probably best not to sell a dry bag of wet firewood when most buyers are probably going to want to use it that night. So I wound saving most of the wood for later on down the road.

Adam | Oct 22, 2009 | Category: Camping

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