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Available Options for Environmentally Friendly Tourism

Eco tourism is all the rage with vacationers looking to lessen their carbon footprint. In fact, it has become so popular that the travel industry has caught on to the trend in style – there are now green hotels springing up across all 50 states, so whether you want to visit Hawaii or New York you can do so safe in the knowledge that you are helping the Earth while enjoying a great vacation.

However, there are plenty of ways that you can still help the environment even if staying in a hotel isn't for you. By using AllStays to properly research your vacation of choice, and making the most of new technology, there are a number of options available for any eco-friendly traveler no matter where they choose to stay.

Camping Responsibly

For many of us, nothing beats a roaring campfire when we escape to the wilderness and get back to nature. However, before you grab two sticks to rub together, keep in mind that illegal campfires often get out of control and can lead to widespread devastation – as the recent events in Yosemite National Park demonstrate. Add in the fact that burning wood can actually cause more environmental damage than a camp stove and the need for an alternative becomes very clear. The best option for the environment is to use a lightweight portable stove run on renewable ethanol, as this encompasses both recycling and safety due to its enclosed metal framework. You can easily find the perfect campground for your family using the AllStays app for Camp and Tent which also recommends local nature trails and on-site entertainment to keep you busy during your stay.

Choose to Cruise

Taking to the high seas on an ocean liner has become one of the world's favorite vacations, with a huge range to choose from and plenty of on-board activities offered by every company. However, eco-warriors are often put off the idea of this experience due to concerns regarding water pollution and coastline damage. These concerns are certainly well founded – in fact, the problem has become so great that the U.S. last year agreed to new legislation which prevents cargo carriers and cruise ships from using high-sulfur fuel within 200 miles of Canadian shores. Fortunately, it is not only the government which has taken steps to address this issue, as cruise lines have begun clean up their act. According to iglucruise.com : “ Modern ships are now being designed with the environment in mind, which can only be a good thing. One of the biggest changes is to the hull on cruise ships – by painting the hull with a silicon based paint, the ships glide through the water more easily, therefore saving fuel.” Other steps, such as utilizing solar paneling or recycling waste water from air conditioning units in laundry facilities, is taking this positive start even further.

Hitting the Highway

Many people would love to go on a camping vacation but are put off by the idea of forgoing modern conveniences completely. This is where the RV steps in. Now it is certainly unusual to mention RVs in an eco-friendly article as they are best known for guzzling gas and using huge amounts of power when plugged in at campgrounds; however, technological advancements have made the possibility of being eco-friendly in an RV a reality.

Travel and tourism experts PFK Consulting studied the CO2 emissions of RV travel and found that this type of vacation is highly superior to the “normal” family vacation in terms of being green. This is because many families choose to take a flight to their resort and hire a car which can add up to a huge carbon footprint over the week or two your family stays there. In contrast, RVs tend to use less water (a household toilet uses around 3 gallons per flush as opposed to the 3 cups used by on-board porta-potties) and biodiesel fuel is now commonly used by RV owners, which is certainly cleaner than petroleum-based aviation fuel. Additionally, newer RVs often come with a built-in bicycle rack which negates the need to drive or hire a car when pitched on a campground. Searching for an RV Park is easy with the AllStays app as we can give you up-to-the-minute information on hot deals, while also allowing you to map out gas stations and rest stops along the way


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